The Pierces – Love You More – Single Review

At first I wondered why this single The Pierces had dropped through my inbox, but it turns out we cover Pretty Little Liars quite a bit on this blog, and they wrote the theme for that show. Connection made, on with the review…

The Pierces are a sibling act – sisters Catherine and Allison Pierce – who hail from Alabama but currently reside in New York City. They’ve been gaining ground as their music has featured in a number of hit TV shows – from the already-mentioned Pretty Little Liars to [[Dexter (TV Series)|Dexter]] to [[Gossip Girl (TV Series)|Gossip Girl]].

With Love You More – which is part of an EP intended to precede the girls’ as-yet-untitled fourth album – The Pierces may be about to hit your radar in a big way.

The song itself has a vintage feel to it. I’m tempted to describe it in terms of the drama of a Dusty Springfield song or something of that era. It’s got fuzzy slide guitars that are reminiscent of old blues, but breaks into a marching beat and introduces acoustic guitars during the verses. The chorus is hauntingly sung, evoking that classic sound that I just can’t put my finger on!

On to the video? Fine. It’s got the two girls going on a little road trip to visit an old boyfriend. And burn down his grotty trailer. We know he’s bad because his t-shirt is dirty, but why is Blonde Pierce hugging him? Oh…it’s to distract him while Brunette Pierce starts a fire in the trailer.

  • Plus point: starting a fire using superpowers on the gas stove
  • Minus point: distracting him with hugs. Sorry, it’d have to be actual boobies to distract me. Though the sight of a slavering dude chasing a topless Pierce sister across the desert might have taken away from the drama of the video.

Anyway, aside from slightly-pervy nitpicking, The Pierces are definitely a group worth checking out. Their forthcoming album was made with the help of Coldplay bassist Guy Berryman and Grammy Award winning producer Rik Simpson, with cameos from Albert Hammond Jr (The Strokes), veteran pedal steel guitarist BJ Cole and an all star contribution on drums: Will Champion (Coldplay), Glenn Moule (Howling Bells) and Matt Romano (Little Joy). 

These ladies are ready to conquer the world in 2011. Definitely an act to watch out for! 

And here’s a bonus video – for Secret from the Pretty Little Liars theme. I think I’m going to like these girls!

Game: See how many bands that feature siblings you can name!

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