The Pillowman Curve Theatre Leicester

Sitting in the small theatre at the curve, feeling like you can reach out and touch the actors on stage is an experience best reserved, for some of the most fantastic theatre of this century. Martin McDonagh’s play The Pillowman qualifies itself for that experience.

Featuring a star studded cast including Hustle star Marc Warren, The Pillowman is an epic black comedy which had everyone at the preview show on the edges of their seats.

Set in a nameless totalitarian state similar to that of George Orwell’s 1984, we meet Katurian Katurian Katurian (Marc Warren), a twisted yet brilliant writer. When he is hauled into police custody by Detective Tupolski (Russell Dixon) and police officer Ariel (Benedict Wong) he has no idea why. They seem interested in his writing, and where his inspiration comes from. Is he responsible for the dark ideas he writes down, or does he do exactly what any good story teller does, simply tell the story.

The macabre play takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions, and leaves you wanting more. The brilliantly twisted humour and psychological plot, is emphasised by the minimalistic staging and heightened atmosphere.

While it is undoubtable that Warren portrays an excellent character, the real gem of this play is Paul Ready who plays Michal, Katurian’s disabled brother. As one of the hardest characters to effectively portray Ready pulls it off without a hitch, making every second Michal is on stage a magical moment.

While the preview shows are over, this show is highly recommended for all even in the larger theatre. The Pillowman will be showing until March 7th, and tickets start at £14

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