The Pretty Reckless – Make Me Wanna Die – Single & Video Review

The Pretty Reckless return with another devastating rock track. Following the success of Miss Nothing, the Taylor Momsen vehicle come back with a somewhat darker new single in Make Me Wanna Die.

I’m always surprised when I hear this band. Whenever we hear of an actor turning to music, the result is usually a disappointment. This is mostly because they’ve got an established fanbase, a massive marketing machine behind them and don’t necessarily have to worry too much about the quality of their output.

And that’s the thing with The Pretty Reckless, they look, feel and sound like the real deal. It’s authentic rock with a touch of heroin chic from Momsen, dressed in a fine array of leathers, lace and fishnets. It’s shocking that she’s only 17, because she carries a power and fury in her voice that can hold me rapt for hours. I mean that in a musical sense, naturally.

Make Me Wanna Die starts with a muted, kind of vintage melody that’s reminiscent of Paramore’s Misery Business. However, when the band kicks in, the guitars are far more muscular and Miss Momsen’s raspy vocals carry us away. This band seems to understand the peaks and troughs of rock music. As Jimmy Page once said, there has to be light and shade, there has to be contrast. And The Pretty Reckless have a great understanding of this concept. You can’t pound the listeners’ eardrums without giving them a little rest.

The tune is pure rage – an ode to inadequacy in which Taylor wants to die because she’ll ‘never be good enough’. Lyrically, it’s fantastically melodramatic, with fabulous lines like ‘Taste me, drink my soul, show me all the things that I shouldn’t know‘.

Bottom line? I haven’t been this excited to hear a whole album of music in years. I’m serious. If everything on Light Me Up is this good, then I’ve got to get my hands on a copy! Have a listen to more of their material on MySpace.

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