The Puppet Masters

Metallica easily take the crown as “The Masters Of Metal” in their show at Sheffield Arena.

The crowd were not on high form for most of the night, with two unfortunately sub-par supporting acts in the form as Machine Head and The Sword. Kudos for keeping up the energy on a stage that was very much too big for them, but the sound quality was inexcusable. For the hour or so these bands played between them, it all seemed like one long song, with a few breathers to let the crowd half heartedly cheer.

Metallica live onstage

Still the main event was what the crowd waited for. When the house lights dropped, the scream of twelve thousand excited fans lit up the arena. In the pitch black, you could see four small shadows gracing the stage, to epic Don Quixote style introduction.

Then it all happened: Lasers, screeching guitars, and the bright shining lights which let you see every person in the room. Metallica had arrived, and they made sure the crowd knew it. They power straight on with their opener, “That Was Just Your Life.”

Here James Hetfield, lead singer, shows how he is still agile despite pushing 50. He races across the stage, making sure every edge of the stadium can see him. This is what the centre stage is for: the ultimate experience.

It is near impossible to choose a highlight of the night, simply because of the near perfection created by Metallica. However, everyone loves the big songs: “Master Of Puppets,” “Broken, Beat and Scarred,” and “Enter Sandman.” Even the Killing Joke Cover “The Wait,” is received to a screaming, pumped up crowd.

And then in a flash it all is all over, and the crowd are bombarded by huge Metallica beach balls, as the chant of “Seek and Destroy,” coats the arena. The band can everyone, even though the band themselves are lost in a sea of beach balls.

Metallica have done it. They have found their pedestal, and are the masters. Nothing can change that.

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