The Sarah Connor Chronicles – The Mousetrap, episode review

Sarah Connor Chronicles - The Mousetrap

I’ve not written much about [[Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TV Series)|Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles]] this series, but The Mousetrap was an interesting episode.

First, I loved the hat tip to Arnold Schwarznegger – the actor whose identity Cromartie stole appearing in a Conan The Barbarian type movie. It was a cheesy bit of humour that I simply didn’t expect to see in this particular show.

Anyway, Charlie (Sarah’s old flame) and his wife are leaving town after being warned by Agent Ellison that they’re not safe. However, while pulled in at a roadside garage, Cromartie kidnaps Charlie’s missus. Distraught, Charlie calls John for help, and gets precious little sympathy from Sarah. She relents though, and heads off with Derek in search of Charlie.

Cromartie has other plans though – he’s using Michelle (Charlie’s wife) as bait to get Sarah away from John. He sabotages their car while they track down Michelle, and then intercepts Sarah’s call to John, getting his number and eventually tracking him down.

His parting gift to Sarah & Co is an explosion in the mobile mast near them. The mast crashes into the house, injuring Michelle, who later dies from her injuries.

Meanwhile, John and his new squeeze, Riley, are off down the shops. Cromartie tracks them down, and Cameron is also in hot pursuit, acting like a psychotic spurned lover. Which in a way she is. John manages to give Cromartie the slip by jumping into the ocean – how ‘bout that? Terminators can’t swim. But they can sink to the ocean floor and walk back up the beach.

Whatever, this deficiency in the T-8xx series means that your average leader of the human resistance can buy himself enough time to escape. Cool.

Points Of Interest

  • I liked how the desert gas station was reminiscent of the end scenes of the original Terminator movie. Did anyone else think Charlie’s wife (Sonia Walger) looked a little like Linda Hamilton from those days?
  • Busy Philipps – do you remember her from Dawson’s Creek – is one huge, but strangely hot pregnant chick. She plays the Connor’s landlady, Kacy Corbin.
  • Cameron is getting weirder with each episode – she stands in the middle of the living room in this episode and calculates the rate at which one side of the house is apparently subsiding. And this stalking John thing – kind of like Glenn Close with a cybernetic endoskeleton.
  • Sarah was brutal with poor Michelle – “I hoped this would be easier – I hoped you’d be dead.” I found myself thinking, well at least she won’t have to live through the war…
  • Cameron looking puzzled at the robodancer on the promenade was a fun moment.
  • Is the relationship between John and Riley raising questions for you yet? Riley seemed to come from out of nowhere and developed an interest in John pretty quickly. Ulterior motives, or is she just a squeaky clean love interest?

Finally, you can get involved with our wiki page for [[The Mousetrap (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles episode)|The Mousetrap]]. Updates on plot, cast and production notes are gratefully appreciated.

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