The Saturdays – All Fired Up – Single Review

File this under “Should have seen it coming”. If you thought Notorious was desperately chasing a more contemporary sound, much like a lawyer chasing an ambulance, just wait until you hear All Fired Up.

It seems with this third album, The Saturdays have thrown everything I liked about them out the window. Their fun, girlish vibe and unabashed pop sensibility has been traded for a cookie-cutter electro-pop sound and stylish videos that look expensive, but cover up that colourful girl group we once knew and loved.

Therein lies the problem with All Fired Up – it sounds exactly like everything else in the charts at the moment. It’s got the nearly ubiquitous reference to the DJ, before diving straight into a club-friendly but tediously repetitive chorus. And speaking of dumb lyrics, if you feel the need to put your head against the speakers in the club, not only will you look stupid, you will get tinnitus. You can thank me later.

Ultimately what this boils down to is The Saturdays appear to be chasing trends instead of creating them. On one hand, you can hardly blame them: Notorious still made the top ten, so perhaps the formula is working. On the other hand, even Notorious had bags more charm than this dirge, which Pop Slags branded a “Yawnfest”. I can only agree. Hit The Floor also has a good review that says:

All Fired Up lackadaisically drifts along without any of their signature sparkle.

Come on girls, we need to see something a bit more fun!

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