The Saturdays – Ego – Single & Video Review

The Saturdays

This time last year, I didn’t hold out much hope for The Saturdays breaking into the pop charts in any big way. However, aided by some cracking pop tunes and capitalising on the misfortunes of Sugababes and the slumbering Girls Aloud, they’ve miraculously returned for a second album, Wordshaker.

Personally, I’m glad they are, although they’ve ditched the bright colours that were their trademark throughout the promo for the first album. I loved Wordshaker‘s first single, Forever Is Over, for all its divaesque posturing and melodrama, though sadly I didn’t review it.

Anyway, let’s get down to reviewing Ego. The girls are glammed up as a sexy superhero fivesome bringing some corrupt bloke to justice. A Fantastic Five, if you will, although they remind me more of the comedy show No Heroics.

The tune rocks a dark electropop vibe (although Pop Slags call it “a Primark version of Rihanna’s ‘Disturbia’”). My own personal gripe with it is the standard “blokes are all shits” angle that the lyrics lay out. Can we stop with all the man-bashing in pop…please?

That minor grumble aside, Ego keeps The Saturdays in ‘hit’ territory – it’s not overlong, has a decent chorus and a pretty hot video. Hello, Una, by the way. Looking good, girl.

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