The Saturdays – Higher – Single and Video Review

I had a bizarre moment the other day when – already loving Higher by The Saturdays, and resolved in my mind to review it – I couldn’t actually remember the melody of the song without looking it up.

A bad sign? Well no. It may have been a bona fide mental block. Later that night I was surfing the music channels and I heard that familiar throbbing electro-pulse intro. It was immediate, that thrill of a song that I really love, possibly made more exciting for having struggled to remember it that same day.

My immediate thoughts about Higher were that it continues that upward-referencing theme of their early single, Up. I like that – a positive vibe and a subliminal cue that The Saturdays are on their way to bigger things. Higher itself is a cut above, stomping all over a lot of its singles chart competitors as it does.

We had a taster of the new autotune heavy sound on their last single, Missing You, and Higher definitely continues in that vein. Still, it makes for a fun, uplifting and rousing pop tune. It makes fantastic use of each of the girls’ voices, playing to their various strengths – Rochelle’s sultry vocals really work (and she looks hot in the video) and Una gets a chance to shine on the high notes.

As for the video – it’s the girls stuck in a traffic jam. Rather than go all Michael Douglas in Falling Down, they decide to step out for a moment and prance down the street singing. See what I mean about staying positive? Naturally, their very presence incites a street party, and everybody has a great time until the song’s over. Then they all go back to their cars.

OddOne, in his review of Headlines, describes this as one of the tracks where the girls are on top form. Higher is confident, fresh and uplifting, and you can’t ask for much more than that from a pop single.


  1. Dara Hickey

    As much as I still love this personally, they are about to fuck up the only song that will rescue them from going under.

    With ‘Missing You’ and ‘Headlines!’ steadily declining in sales, they need to make sure this song is a huge seller. ‘Ego’ style.

    Problem is, with the original ‘Headlines!’ version quickly climbing up the charts, and with it’s video in high circulation, people are going to download the original version, ignoring the Flo Rida-assisted version, which still has over four weeks till release.

    It makes you think, after being ‘cheated’ by the girls with the mini-album, are the general public going to bother sticking by the girls once the official release of ‘Higher ft. Flo Rida’ comes around? Most of them will have already downloaded the superior album version by then, and if the Flo Rida-assisted version fails to do well, not only will The Saturdays’ detractors laugh, but Fascination Records may not be so leniant in trying to rescue them this time.

    And as well as that, why the hell did they release the video without Flo Rida in it? Or even his rap? Now everyone will think the album version is the offical single and not bother with the actuall official release.

    Well done Fascination, you seem to ruin everything these girls try and do right nowadays, don’t you? Yes. You do.


    1. Gerard McGarry

      I think it’d be quite interesting for the original version to outsell the Flo Rida-assisted version. It’s certainly say a lot about the assumption that these raps help sell records. But by the same token, I can see what you’re saying about these gambles not helping the girls’ careers any.

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