The Saturdays Just Can’t Get Enough



The Saturdays release their very own Comic Relief song “Just Can’t Get Enough,” into the arms of a public that have so far embraced them. Originally be Depeche Mode, The Saturday’s cover version bears little resemblance to the original.

However, with its techno sounds and the use of the five girls in different colours, it will probably remind you just a little bit too much of Girls Aloud. Also, every verse of the song, sounds exactly like the previous. After a while you forget you are listening to it.

On one hand, this is great as you end up listening to it again. On the other, its shows how boring and mundane the song is. In reality, it only has approximately 5 words to remember,

Still, this song is a guaranteed hit, and will more than likely be number one for Comic Relief, just like every other comic relief song ever released. 

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