The Saturdays – Missing You – Single review

RandomEnigma broke the news of the new Saturdays single Missing You on Unreality Shout at the weekend. He was less than impressed with the quality of the single, and this was echoed in the comments by OddOne, who quipped:

‘Excuse me, this is our last chance saloon, poor prouction and uninteresting lyrics are our way of showing this’.

They’ve got a point though. Despite a promising first album, The Saturdays haven’t exactly become the darlings of the pop charts. I can’t for the life of me work out why not. I loved Ego, and it even continued to grow on me past my original review.

Missing You is something else altogether. It feels like a foray into a straight club style, from an instrumental point of view. Coupled with the sunshine video destination, could it be possible The Saturdays are throwing their names into the ‘Summer Hit’ competition?

Listening to the single, you can almost hear the sound of a million remixes. This is begging for something far more energetic to liven up the dreary vocals. I won’t comment on the autotune. We have a love-hate relationship with autotune, but it might have a place in this track, which has a transcendent, almost hypnotic vibe.

On a positive note, the girls have never looked more stunning. Let’s face it, Una Healy in bikini top = epic video win. Frankie Sandford looks far too boyish to be having any kind of sexual thoughts about. Discuss.

Also, is this the last chance saloon for The Saturdays? And will Missing You bring them back on course?


  1. Dara Hickey

    Okay, I’ll admit I wrote that comment immediately after hearing the song. After a few more listens, it remind me of the kind of song you’s listen to when trying to relax, it’s summery production and harmonies making it a perfect song for relaxing.

    I’ve said many a time before, I feel this song is going to continue The Saturday’s streak of “Bad lead single, good follow-up”, which is all very good but I’m still waiting for that massive smash – the one that blows Girls Aloud out of the water – like when Girls Aloud ditched their previous manager for a sexier, edgier sound and image, just look at where that got them.

    Rumours are that The Saturdays’ have just ditched their manager – and the fact that there’s no mention of their new single on his Twitter supports this, but it still remains as rumours none-the-less, until further confirmation.

    This song however, whilst it may be a grower, and has a video that makes you want to catch the quickest discount flight to somewhere with a blue-sea coast, lacks that ‘something’ they need to cement their longevity in the charts. ‘Up’ and ‘Ego’ were stunning, and looking-likely-to-be-the-follow-up track ‘Higher’ looks likely to join that group.

    As for their albums, ‘Chasing Lights’ was brilliant, a perfect, fresh début, but then followed ‘Wordshaker’, a confident sophomore, but lacked the fresh ‘Saturday’ sound heard on ‘Chasing Lights’, even though I thought it a criminal move not to release ‘One Shot’ or ‘Here Standing’. Obviously JLS appeared too much of a threat for Fascination Records.

    So this, whilst it’s radio-friendly and will make it’s way to the top of every playlist in the country, needs a massive follow-up to ensure they don’t fade into obscurity.

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