The Saturdays – Notorious – Single Review

Oh no. The Saturdays’ latest single Notorious is three and a half minutes of utter pointlessness. After the career highs that were Higher and Missing You, we’d expected something of similar quality.

While Notorious carries on that electropop vibe that was present in Higher, it’s saturated in autotune and electronica to the point of stupidity. In fact, as the song progresses, the vocals seem to deteriorate into overprocessed garbage. To the point where you probably couldn’t credit the girls with ‘singing’ that part.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s got a decent hook and there’s plenty of similar material in the charts at the moment. However, it’s not on a par with The Saturdays’ back catalogue of singles, and is probably the most forgettable track they’ve released to date. Shame really, because I’m always rooting for the girls to do well and it’s bad song choices like this that really annoy me.

First impressions of the song are not helped by the video – which borrows heavily from other pop videos – like a corporate version of Britney Spears’ Baby One More Time, one of the girls taps a pink pen on her desk while the clock ticks closer to quitting time. And the group seem to have been styled from the Ann Summers’ Slutty Secretary line. Because thick frames, lip gloss and cleavage baring blouses are the uniform for office workers these days. 

And then riffing on the Sugababes ‘sluttiness in a lift’ classic, Push The Button, the girls jump in an elevator, change into their party clothes (complete with Notorious belt buckle) and arrive at a party on the top floor. Must be nice to finish work and go clubbing in the same building.

Undoubtedly Notorious will get oodles of airplay, but it’s the most disappointing single by The Saturdays in a long, long time. Higher was a song, a brilliantly written pop song. This is garbage by comparison. Sorry.

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