The Sounds new album – Crossing The Rubicon – previewing on MySpace

Crossing The Rubicon

Swedish New-Wavers, The Sounds are currently streaming their new album, Crossing The Rubicon on MySpace as a teaser for fans.

Crossing The Rubicon is the third studio album by the band and the release ties in nicely with the fact that the five-piece are currently on the No Doubt summer tour. And having listened to this amazing band for the first time, I can only hope that the No Doubt tour can bring The Sounds to a much larger audience. It’s fair to say that No Doubt fans will see a synergy between the two bands – The Sounds have a great energy in their music, and seeing both bands on the same bill would be a great night of music.

The album’s lead single No-one Sleeps When I’m Awake is a fantastic introduction to the band: ballsy, fun and fiery. You’ll go wild for Maja Ivarsson’s vocals – it’s so nice to hear a girl singing this type of song instead of pissy girlie-pop rubbish.

There’s something a little reminiscent of Paramore in this band, and that’s a good thing. The guitars have a clean, punchy delivery. The rhythm section of Johan Bengtsson (bass) and Fredrik Nilsson (drums) create a throbbing base for everything else that’s built on top of it. (I’m listening to 4 Songs and a Fight as I type this).

Listen out for the funky electro disco in tracks like My Lover, which should prove that as well as having a black belt in rocking out, The Sounds can make music you can dance to. Absolutely brilliant. We need so much more of this stuff in the charts!

Anyway, what was I writing about? Oh yeah. You can hear the whole album right now on MySpace. So, what’re you waiting for?

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  1. alex

    the sounds realy suck. i salw them on the no doubt tour. and they put shame to the gods that paramore and no doubt are, also there singer should have beggend hayley williams and gwen stafani for forgiveness. if ur looking for a good band. the sounds are not it.

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