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The Sugababes are one of the most enduring girl groups we’ve ever seen in the UK. They started their chart careers back in 2000 as glum-faced teens, but with a surprisingly fresh urban sound that was more interesting that the kind of pop Atomic Kitten were flogging at the time.

There’s always been a cloud of bitchiness hanging over the group and this has brought about two personnel changes leading to the departures of original members Siobhan Donaghy and Mutya Buena. However, the Sugababes have always managed to reinvent themselves with each new album.

These days, of course, they’re a very slick pop act. There’s no denying that. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what we think are the best ever Sugababes songs.

1 – Ugly

Our favourite Sugababes song of all time, Ugly is a sweet pop song that talks about growing up and feeling unattractive, but gradually realising that inner beauty is important too. It’s a real nice message that their teenage fanbase could easily relate to. It’s the Sugababes’ answer to Christina Aguilera’s Beautiful.

2 – Overload

Their debut single showed three very nervous girls singing this awesome song. Overload has such a great beat and the tension in the lyrics and the music makes this a classic Sugababes track.

3 – Soul Sound

Another track from the Sugababes’ One Touch album, it continues in the same sparse style as Overload. Where it differs is that there’s more vocal interplay between the girls and you really get an idea of what this group are capable of.

4 – Freak Like Me

This song marks the dramatic change in style the Sugababes underwent for their second album. A collaboration with the hot producer of the day, Richard X, it was the girls’ first number one single. Freak is such a good song, it still sounds fresh today.

5 – Round Round

This song followed hot on the heels of Freak Like Me, and gave the girls their second number one single. Very much in the same vein as its predecessor, Round Round may have aged slightly less well, or perhaps it’s been overplayed a little too much.

6 – Hole In The Head

This has got to be one of the Sugababes most overlooked songs. It’s probably one of their best floor-fillers, and has a pretty scathing anti-male lyric. That’s the thing with the Sugababes – you never know when they’re being sexy and when they’re about to castrate you. With Hole In The Head you walk away checking your groin to make sure everything’s still there.

7 – Push The Button

Another about turn stylistically. Sure, it didn’t stray far from the ‘pop’ formula, but this was the girls getting raunchy as evidenced by a scorching hot music video. The kind of music video the missus won’t let you watch in front of the kids. Or – indeed –her.

8 – About You Now

From the latest album, About You Now was the lead single. Although Change features some of the Sugababes’ less memorable songs, About You Now is more mainstream pop than we’re used to from the Sugababes but a top song nonetheless.

9 – Too Lost In You

A definitive Sugababes ballad, Too Lost In You sees them put away their claws for about 4 minutes to declare undying love for some nameless bloke (me, actually). The forlorn vocals are evocative of their early style – sparse beats and melancholy vocal harmonies.

10 – Stronger

Considered one of the best ever Sugababes songs, Stronger is another brooding ballad. It has a lot in common with Too Lost, which came along on their third album. An epic tale of someone rebounding from a broken heart. Knowing the Sugababes though, they’ll have cut up all his clothes and set the alsatian on him.

    That’s our top ten Sugababes singles listed for your comfort and convenience. Have we left anything out or rated something too low? Let us know in the comments.

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    1. razza34

      Have you guys heard the new Bubbel G single? There is a bit of the Sugababes about them. Both are good for party play lists at the weekend girlies! (and boys!)!

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