The Underwhelming “First Episode” Syndrome!

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A lot like the service we generally receive when making use of buses(!). The launch show of a lot of Reality TV shows often leaves me underwhelmed!

We wait, and wait… It approaches, and they big it up! We watch it, and we watch while a lot of the time is taken up with various filler:

*Introduction of the celebrity Judges – Helicopters, Rolls Royce limos… what next?
*Lot’s of chatter between act’s
*A generous helping of adverts

…I don’t mean to be negative, but by the end of a launch show I often feel underwhelmed, usually there have been a couple of good acts, one that is quite good and gets a fantastic response.

YET… I am eager for more, perhaps more than ever!

BGT 2010, hurry up… and… Please, be FANTASTIC 😉

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