The Vampire Diaries…

So the Vampire Diaries is turning out to be everything I expected. Episode 5 Kill or Be Killed threw me for a loop. Tyler told Jeremy about himself having the werewolf gene. ( I smell a friendship in the making) For a minute I thought Jeremy was gonna be the one Tyler killed, which would trigure his transformation or would it. Jeremy has a SPECIAL ring now, so if Tyler killed him would he have turned since Jeremy technically would die, but come back to life. HMMMM, then Mason turned down Stefan’s truce offer and went and narked them off to the sheriff who I truely think the hard headed Damon considers a friend considering he didn’t kill her and told her she was his friend after Mason put vervain in Damon’s drink and the sheriff tried to kill Damon and Stefan. AGH, take a breath!!! LOL- I get so excited over this show.. So the sheriff is busy torturing the Salvatore brothers with wooden bullets when Elana barges in and then Caroline her daughter who is now a vampire swoops in and takes out her deputys to reveal to dear old mom that she is the one thing she hates…. A VAMPIRE!!! The sheriff goes to Damons house to wait out the time needed for the vervain to exit her system so that Damon can compell her to forget everything she knows when she expresses to Damon to keep her daughter Caroline away from her because Caroline is not her daughter anymore. Will the Sheriff get over it? I think this will be the thing that reunites Caroline and her mom, but only the next episode will tell. Now on to the real mind boggeler. Katherine and Mason. What the heck. What does that darn moon rock do? She will most definitly kill him now that she has what she wants, but what is she up to. The suspense is literally killing me. Is she truely back for Stefan? In episode 4 she said she was running from her past, so what is it she’s running from? If you have not watched this show, trust me and go buy the first season and catch up and start watching the second season. It is a fantastic show.

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