The Vampire Diaries – Memory Lane (S02E02) – Episode review

We get a lot of flashbacks on The Vampire Diaries, and they usually center around the time of the Founder’s Ball when Stefan and Damon got themselves turned into hot, male model vampires.

So it seems strange to single this episode out by calling it “Memory Lane”, because we’re in flashback sequences virtually every other week. Anyhow, it gives us quite a bit more information about the interactions between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Katherine (Nina Dobrev), while expanding that storyline to include an early Lockwood werewolf.

In a rather nice double-setup, Stefan captures Katherine and locks her in the basement where he can question her while pulling that intense, broody face that Paul Wesley does best. But what really happened was Katherine engaged Caroline to keep Elena away so she could attempt to seduce Stefan.

This is gloriously confusing stuff, because for all intents and purposes, Katherine really does want Stefan back. But he believes she’s playing an elaborate game with him. And also probably because she doesn’t really show any of the vulnerability or neediness that would convince him she’s genuine. I mean, threatening to kill Elena wasn’t a smart move. And even better, Stefan and Elena concoct their own sneaky plan to pretend they’ve broken up. I know one of them’s a teenager, but the other one could’ve finished High School 70 times over. Or something. Grow up Stefan, you’re so immature.

I find myself in a strange place with relation to Elena/Katherine now. Katherine is just so much damned fun. She’s animated, has some great lines (of dialogue, you pervs) and she loves her liquor. She’s like Damon with boobies. And now she’s really got the unrequited love for Stefan. I’m almost starting to feel sympathy for her.

Damon re-ignites the werewolf feud

In other news, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) sets up a dinner part featuring Alaric (Matthew Davis), Elena’s sexy Aunt Jenna (Sara Canning) and Mason Lockwood (Taylor Kinney). I don’t quite understand why Damon’s so intrigued about the vampires, but a vamp’s gotta have a hobby, I suppose.

There’s some brilliant back and forth banter between Mason and Damon before the two finally admit their true natures. And I almost thought for a moment that they could be good friends, but Damon had to go and stab him with the silverware, didn’t he? Well, he warned us he was a dick.

I was a little nonplussed by this, to be honest. Now that Katherine is eliciting sympathy, there isn’t a clear enemy this season. Not that we need one, I suppose, but are we to believe that the Salvatores versus the Lockwoods is going to be the highlight of Season 2? I kind of need to see the werewolves do something, or alternatively, to see Tyler make some monumental screw-up in which he kills someone and ends up a werewolf.

What did you guys think of the latest instalment of Vampire Diaries?

Not many quotes today…

  1. Katherine: “Don’t fight it Stefan. You loved me once, you’ll love me again.”
  2. Katherine on werewolves: “No, there are others. Not many. They’re practically extinct, they mainly exist now in books and really bad movies.”
  3. Mason: “I’ve heard great things about you.” Damon: “That’s weird, coz I’m a dick.”
  4. Damon: “I always pegged you for a lone wolf.” Mason: “I’m sure I wasn’t half the ladykiller you were.”


  1. kathy hamilton-brace

    the only reason i watched it last year cause i knew that it was going to be like twilight and i was write and love stephen and damon and elena there the reason i am watching the show 

  2. Mrs. Salvatore

    Well I thought episode 4 was awesome and am super excited to see what episode 5 brings. I’m with you though on being curious who the enemy is going to be. Damon was an idiot for stabbing Mason because he could have proved to be a very important ally against Katherine or whoever. I am a Stefan and Elaina supporter though so I think I will keep Katherine has my bad guy for now. After all, Where has she been the past hundred and somethings years. If she loves Stefan so much why didn’t she find him sooner. I feel like she loves Stefan, but still think she is definately up to no good. I look forward to your next blog..

  3. Gerard McGarry

    Have either of you read the Vampire Diaries books? I picked them up last year. There’s a lot more scope in the books than a TV series would normally use – including making a main character a vampire…and then a ghost! They’re far from ever being classic literature, but they’re fun to read.

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