The Vampire Diaries – Miss Mystic Falls – Episode review

Miss Mystic Falls sees Elena going head to head with Caroline Forbes in the annual Mystic Falls beauty pageant. But although the pageant is the backdrop for this episode of [[The Vampire Diaries (TV Series)|The Vampire Diaries]], all the action centers around Stefan Salvatore.

Yes, [[Paul Wesley]] excels as the tortured, addicted Stefan. Initially hiding his secret blood binging from Elena and Damon, both are suspicious that his mood is lighter than usual. After accussing Anna of robbing the local blood banks, Damon works out Stefan is the one stealing from the local blood banks. Elena is suspicious, but can’t place what’s wrong. And Alaric interrupts Stefan while he’s in the middle of blood lust watching a football player with a cut knee, and almost pays with a broken neck.

Damon eventually tells Elena about Stefan’s secret: “He has a fridge full of stolen blood bank contraband in the house…. It’s Stefan on human blood, Elena. He’ll do anything, he’ll say anything, because he’s not gonna stop.”

The high point of the episode – for me – was Stefan finally breaking down and abducting Amber from the Miss Mystic Falls pageant. He takes her outside and raves about being caught out. We see him ‘compelling’ her not to be scared and she willingly offers him her neck. But then he toys with her, sending her screaming through the forest, and effortlessly catching her again. By the time Elena and Damon find him, Stefan is truly ferral.

And that’s what I love about Vampire Diaries right now. Stefan carries a sense of real menace. After being the straight guy throughout the first half of the series, he’s completely off the rails right now. There seems to be only a tiny thread of conscience holding him from going completely off the rails. Is it really inconceiveable that Stefan wouldn’t snap Elena’s fragile little neck in the middle of a burst of blood lust? Watch that last scene between the two again…


Bonnie is wary of Stefan, and later admits to Elena that she blames the Salvatore brothers for the loss of her grandmother. Later on, she uses her powers to bring Stefan under control in the forest. From her conversation with Elena later on, she clearly wants to disassociate herself from the brothers.

The relationship between Anna and Jeremy is warming up, though will she give in and transform Jeremy into a vampire?

Uncle John continues to be a thorn in multiple sides: he’s pissed off Damon, who refused to co-operate with him to find an invention of Old Man Gilbert’s. He’s trying to throw Jeremy off the scent of the Gilbert journals, and also curious to find out more about Anna.

Anna and her hideously-named mother (Pearl? Pearl?) give the aforementioned invention to Damon as a gesture of trust. Awwww. And the vampire population of Mystic Falls grows by two. Anna’s cute, isn’t she?

Quotes from this episode:

  • Amber: “You seem sad.” Stefan: “I’m not sad, I’m freaking hungry.”
  • When Elena confronts Stefan, he tells her: “The blood brings out what’s inside of me and if you think any differently, you’re an idiot.

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