The Veronicas: ‘Untouched’ Single And Video Review

Song: Untouched

Artist: The Veronicas

Album: Hook Me Up

Release Date: 22 May 2009 (IRL), 25 May 2009 (UK)

Genre: Pop rock, electronic rock, gothic rock

Peak Position: 38 (IRL), 92 (UK)

Gabriella Cilmi, Empire Of The Sun and Daniel Merriweather…are we about to get a huge outbreak of new and talented Australian artists? Well, sister act The Veronicas are hoping for hits here with the release of Untouched a slick pop rock track with electro and gothic influences.

Already a Top 20 hit in the US, Untouched is essentially a poppy tune with certain lyrics emphasised to death and angst filled breathy vocals against a backdrop of memorably nagging strings, fuzzy guitar work and slick synths. So yes, a very delightful and dramatic tune that has been sadly absent from the charts of late. And with some cute rapping in an Australian accent, The Veronicas have never been more welcome in the UK and Ireland.

Australia might be known for tanned bods, hot sunny weather and beautiful beaches but in this video you’re getting a very different glimpse of Australia, at least through the eyes of The Veronicas. While essentially a performance vid, the stunning attention to detail is what makes this video stand out.

Full of dark, pale goth like people including tall women who look like their floating, a zombie like orchestra and punks aplenty (who probably wouldn’t be seen dead at a Veronicas gig but whatever) crowd the hall as the two sisters Jess and Lisa seem to be romantically involved with the same man. This part of the video is actually quite confusing but don’t worry about it. Just feast your eyes on the sister act perform in front of a visually stunning audience. Yeah how many punk gigs can you say look visually stunning unless people bleeding out of mosh pits is stunning, you sick minded individual, you!



  1. Gerard McGarry

    I’ve caught this song on the TV a couple of times, and it’s a refreshing change from the usual pop dirge. Finding it hard to categorise them though, as I suspect you are! Are they rock, pop, something else? I don’t know, but I love the tune.

    Are they both called Veronica? Is that how the band name came about?

    1. RandomEnigma

      No they’re not both called The Veronicas as they are twin sisters. It would be kind of confusing if they both had the same name haha! Their names are Jessica and Lisa and they got their names rather randomly from the film Heathers which starred Winona Ryder as a character called Veronica. They described the character Veronica as a “kind of cool, unique chick with an attitude” which is what they based The Veronicas sound on.

      Yes it is very difficult to categorise them. I have listened to three of their songs. Untouched which you know is a sort of pop rock song with some gothic, symphonic and electropop influences. Then there is 4Ever which was their first single in Australia which sounds very much like teenybopper Avril Lavigne. And then there’s Hook Me Up, the album’s title track which is a real scuzzy electropop track. Not the kind of slick electropop that’s dominating the charts at the moment but a more industrial grungy sounding type of electropop which would have been popular in the 1990s.

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