The Verve split confirmed

Via Indieblogheaven is the news that The Verve have ideed broken up yet again. You might remember that the band shelved their differences last year to release a single (Love Is Noise) and an album (Forth). However, trends in the music industry being what they are, Verve fans were initially buzzed about the news, then less than enthusiastic about buying the CDs.

The band eventually turned to doing what they do best, infighting. They’ve broken up before due to internal conflicts, even in the wake of the massively successful Urban Hymns album in 1999.

There’s a bit of a muddled story behind the break-up, which involves tension surrounding Nick McCabe’s drinking, and allegations that Richard Ashcroft was using the reunion as a platform to revive his solo career.

A source “close” to the band told the Sunday Mirror that McCabe and Jones have not spoken to Ashcroft since last year’s V festival. “As far as Nick and Simon are concerned the Verve no longer exists,” the source said. “They think Richard was just using the reunion as a vehicle to get his solo career on track.”

If there’s a silver lining in this story for fans, it’s that guitarist Nick McCabe and bassist Simon Jones have gone on to form a new band called The Black Ships with Goldfrapp violinist Davide Rossi and drummer Mig Shillace. Not much to hear on their MySpace page right now, but I’m already wondering when Ashcroft will announce his new solo album…

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