The Voice: Beverly McClellan impresses with Melissa Etheridge’s ‘Only One’

Team Christina got an excellent boost on last night’s The Voice when bald-headed lady-singer Beverly McClellan took to the stage. Beverly gave a stunning rendition of Melissa Etheridge’s I’m The Only One, commanding the stage with a powerful presence. 

Beverly looked a tad imposing, with her shiny dome, plethora of body art and what looked like a red tartan kilt. Her voice was perfect rock – smoky and gruff, and she owned the stage. So popular was her performance that Carson Daly had to wait for the audience to calm down before he could move on to the coaches’ comments!

Mass hysteria!

This is the performance which causes a fiery rivalry between Aguilera and Levine, and causes Adam to quip “You’re performance made me shit myself…”

Performance notes

Cee Lo Green: “Beverly, as you already know, you’re one of my favourites. I love your spirit. You’re a natural. You know it. You’re so natural that your actions are involuntary but still very conscious. There’s something very present about what you do. I love you so much.

Adam Levine: Wow! The one that got away. Beverly… (Tells a heckling Christina to shut up!) You’re amazing. And I know the one thing that was on your mind was “I can’t believe I’ve got this cold.” I’m the same way, I’m a perfectionist. I freak out. No-one knew that you had anything going on bad at all.

Blake Shelton: I’m just blown away. I’m always blown away by your talent. The first time I saw you, you scared the hell out of me with your singing. Now you come out here looking sexy and hot…it was awesome, seriously. I’m a big fan.

Christina Aguilera: I mean what can I say, every time you hit that stage you make the boys so jealous. The only thing Adam can destroy are his pants. I know he wet them whenever you came on stage. (To Adam) You’re always talking about soiling your pants… You nailed it, you rocked it.

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