The Voice- Can It Survive After The Blind Auditions?

The Voice is on its second series here in the UK and the judges Will.I.Am, Danny, Jessie J and Tom are back to find ‘The Voice’. The Blind Auditions are over so will the show go downhill now?

The Voice had huge ratings when it began back in 2012 and even beat Britain’s Got Talent for several weeks. The blind auditions wowed everyone with its originality and the battle rounds were quite enjoyable. The idea of having people sing without seeing them was quite a cool idea but when it got to the live shows, many people turned off. The live shows lacked something special, the comments were very predictable and unfortunately many people turned off by the time Leanne Mitchell won the show. Her single failed but to be fair this was mainly due to lack of publicity.

However, The BBC decided to bring the show back for a second series and kept the judges as well. Danny is a good looking guy and he seems to be quite nice too. Tom is quite lovable and often takes on the older singers. can be quite funny with his little catchphrases and he doesn’t really turn round unless he’s sure. Jessie J has had a few comments made about her in the press that’s she’s attention seeking but she brings a lot of fun to the show.

The blind auditions for the second series have been quite good and some amazing singers have been shown. We now have 48 contestants in the show. This weekend the battle rounds are here and unfortunately we will lose half the singers. I think the show needs to make the live shows more exciting for it to be just as popular. They have already introduced a steal idea to the battles which will make it more interesting to see who the judges decide to keep.

Here’s a few singers that I think will make the live shows and could win:

Team Danny:

Nadeem Leigh was amazing with his medley of ‘Still haven’t found what I’m Looking for’ and also ‘The Blower’s Daughter’. I think he will be one to watch.

Paul Carden was brilliant and you can tell he has a great rock voice. I would like to see what he could do in the live shows.

Andrea Begley has a beautiful voice and I’m really excited to hear her sing again. I think she will easily get through into the live shows.

Team Jessie:

Nate James: I realy liked his tone and thought ‘Crazy’ was amazing. I think he could go far in this comp.

Alex Buchanan: Alex had a really great voice and I enjoyed ‘Don’t wake me up’. I think he could go all the way.

Katie Benbow: She had a really quirky style and I really liked her version of Feeling Good.

Team Tom:

LB Robinson:  He is an amazing singer and one to watch on Team Tom. I can’t wait to see what he brings to the battles.

Alys Williams: Alys performed last year for the judges but they didn’t turn for her. This year she has really improved and could be the next Leanne Mitchell hitting the high notes.

Mike Ward- His country singing was not what everyone expected but he was amazing. He is a dark horse.

Team Will:

Liam Tamne: My favourite of the blind auditions with the fabulous Woman’s work.  He is my favourite to win if he is given great songs.

Leah McFall: She has a great voice and her version of Rita’s song was great. She sounds a lot like Rita and also Jessie.

Moni Tivony: He really didn’t sound like he looks and everyone was stunned but his version of No Woman, No Cry was wonderful. I think he will make the live shows.

Team Will is my favourite but it all depends who’s up against who in the battles. I hope the show is better this year with the live shows as the talent is great.




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