The Voice: Casey Desmond and Jeff Jenkins slug it out in Battle Rounds

Yes, folks, Unreality Shout is about to begin coverage of NBC’s amazing new reality show, The Voice. And why not? It’s got real stars like Adam Levine and Cristina Aguilera working as coaches for their chosen acts and an awesome competition element where each coach is competing against each other.

“But isn’t that The X Factor?” I hear you ask. Absolutely not. These mentors actually mentor, and The Voice spends a lot of time showing you the advice that’s being given by seasoned performers. 

But enough about that. I’ll tell you exactly why I love The Voice in another post. Center stage right now are Adam Levine’s recruits, Casey Desmond & Jeff Jenkins. A quick search for both contestants brings up a Wikipedia page for the Rihanna-haired Miss Desmond. But nothing of the equivalent for Jeff. It seems Casey Desmond may have the competitive advantage in this battle.

Because that’s where we are in the competition, folks – contestant versus contestant on a stage that’s dressed up like a boxing ring, symbolising the musical battle between Adam Levine’s two contestants.

Watching the initial mentoring session, both Casey and Jeff seemed a bit dull. I was genuinely concerned as the pair rehearsed Elton John and George Michael’s classic duet Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me. Jeff starts things off, and there’s a pleasant country inflection to his singing that presents a fresh take on this now-vintage song. However, when Casey kicks in, there’s a clarity and power in her voice that instantly reveals the limitations in Jeff’s vocal range. 

Performance Notes

Blake Shelton said: “Reba just turned to me and said she couldn’t take her eyes off Jeff the whole time. I couldn’t take my eyes off Casey the whole time.” Reba McIntyre was heard saying “He was into it every step of the way.”

Christina Aguilera commented: “Casey, you have a great look, and great stage presence. And Jeff, we all turned our chairs around for you, and that’s not something to take lightly.”

Cee Lo Green said: “Jeff I was waiting to see you do your thing again, because I haven’t seen you since the initial auditions and you blew me away then and it’s the same (…) to this moment., I gotta give it to Jeff.”

Adam Levine: “What happened with this is that we all turned our chairs around for Jeff. But Casey, I was the only one. And I thought you guys were all nuts because (to Casey) you have atremendous voice.”

Who won the battle?

Surprisingly, Adam picks Jeff Jenkins as the final member of his team. Jeff joins Casey Weston, Javier Colon and Devon Barley. I’m genuinely shocked, because while there’s an authenticity to Jeff’s performance, I thought Casey was the better singer – and stronger stage presence – of the two.

Over to you lot – if you caught The Voice last night, which singer would you have chosen – Jeff or Casey?

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