The Voice: Jared Blake sings Kings Of Leon’s Use Somebody

Jared Blake takes the second performance spot on The Voice, following on from Raquel Castro’s performance.

There’s a sweet spot between country and rock music, that requires a gravelly voice and a feel for both genres of music. And that’s where Jared Blake’s voice sounds its best. He’s wisely opted to sing Kings Of Leon’s Use Somebody on the show – a song that plays perfectly to his vocal strengths. 

I just wish he’d ditch the headband.

Though he starts out playing guitar along to the track, he dramatically throws the instrument to a stage hand before taking the mic and walking into the crowd to serenade a girl in the audience – his wife? I dunno. But that was a very strong rock vocal from Jared. Instant respect. Solid performance.

Performance notes

Christina Aguilera: You know what, you made it all about yourself up there. I love watching you perform, because you get so into it. I mean, there’s really no critiquing your stage presence, because you really give it your all. I’m not whether the guitar throwing threw you off a little bit…

Cee Lo Green: My man Jared, otherwise known as Mr Second Chance. But every time you get up and do your thing, it reminds me that you deserve to be here. I love your voice.

Adam Levine: That was the perfect song for you to do. That was the perfect choice and the perfect moment…I was really emotionally connected to it.

Blake Shelton: I’m so tired of the “last chance” and “second chance”…this is your time. The chance stuff is over. I will say also, the struggle that you’ve been having, and we’ve talked about it, about whether you’re country or rock…you’ve shaved your head man. You’ll never get through a metal detector. You’re rock, man.

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