The Voice: Raquel Castro delivers stage presence, but weak vocal

Actress and singer Raquel Castro led the charge on the first live semi-final of The Voice. Having earlier announced that she wanted to show the viewers that she was the complete package, Raquel chose Ke$ha’s Blow as her song.

She came out on stage with a refreshing confidence and proceeded to strut across the stage, working exceptionally well with the troupe of backing dancers. Wearing a slinkly silver dress, Raquel looked every inch the popstar – if we’re making comparisons, I’d say she looked like a young Gloria Estefan with all the ballsy energy of a contemporary popstar.

The problem was the vocals – it may have been the energetic choreography, or it may have been nerves, but vocally Raquel was all over the place.

I loved that you could see Christina Aguilera enthusiastically gesturing to her throughout the performance, encouraging Raquel to give it more and more attitude. Ultimately though, the vocals were off-key far too much, and she sounded breathless in places. There may be untapped potential there, though. 

Performance notes

Cee Lo Green: “You know what, there’s no lying in live television, and that was wonderful. Everybody agrees, right? You’re my little mama, I love you!”

Adam Levine: “I just can’t believe…I mean, I don’t dance… It’s hard enough to sing, let alone dance at the same time, so I have a lot of respect for that. You were running everywhere. I got tired looking at you. You were amazing. Seriously. That was incredible.”

Blake Shelton: “Damnit. She is awesome. She’s not even on my team. She is awesome. Raquel, you are seriously one of my favourites in this whole competition. Dang it, I can’t believe she did something right.”

Christina Aguilera: “You made me get up out of my chair, you made me move, you made me so excited. I could tell that you were keeping control over not doing too much – look at your heels. Us as ladies, we have a lot more to think about on stage and keeping things together – no wardrobe malfunctions, no tripping. You did an amazing job. I couldn’t be more proud of you.”

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