The Voice! Teams Adam And C-Lo perform!

It is The Voice time, and last night, we saw Teams Adam and C-Lo battle it out. Well, it wasn’t actually a battle; it was more like, we sing, and you vote. I hate it when there is no competition. I remember oh so fondly the time when Louis would scream at Simon, and Simon would love Cher. Good times. At least more energy.

Also, last night it was the first night of live eliminations. Just in case you didn’t check it already, from Team Xtina, Beverly was saved by votes and Frenchie by Xtina herself, passing on the ‘unique’ Lily and Raquel. I mean seriously, Xtina has no chance of winning. Beverly is great and all, but I don’t really think a gay rocker will win it. And Frenchie has pitch problems the size of Texas, So, it’s a no no for her too. I think Xtina did well to cry. She wasn’t crying at her girls leaving. She was crying at her not having a snowball’s chance in hell of winning.

Blake, on the other hand, is still on the competition. The gorgeous Dia was saved by America, and he chose Xenia. I think it was a good call. If he can pull them out of their shells, or make them look people in the eye, as opposed to the ground, they both have a chance to win. Xenia has that great tone, and Dia is an accomplished artist, so in my eyes, Blake has done nothing wrong.

Let’s get to the performances now, shall we?

First up it’s the Thompson sisters singing an old old song called Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy. Okay, I didn’t really like them. I thought the “I am hot but I want to be known as a singer” girl was better. Anyways, they kinda delivered a nice performance. C-Lo wanted them to be bubbly and kinda sexy, hence the dresses, and they kinda did. The song had a three note range, like four at best, and even at that, they were pitchy at times. Not only, but the whole staging was uncannily similar to Candyman, a fact dear old X didn’t forget to mention. And she was right. From there, we couldn’t help but compare the astonishing voice of X with the girls’ vocals. And it was a bad move. C-Lo should have seen it coming. They will not be going through to the semis.

Next up, it’s Casey Weston singing Black Horse and the Cherry Tree. This is the kind of song everybody, from rappers to hard rockers, enjoys. There is no one who has failed to listen to it. Casey wanted to pull a singer-songwriter on it, she wanted to strip it bare and sing it. I think that is getting old. Adam thought it too, but he tried to pass it as her being the ‘energetic one’ of his team. And while I can’t really fault her vocal, because it was good, and the tone of her voice is very pleasant, I have to say that the forced change did leave room for trouble. Her face was literally dead, and in a happy and energetic song, you need to enjoy what you’re singing. And it showed unfortunately. The judges however were too nice to point this out, but it really showed. On the bright side, the staging was really cool, and the guys hitting the buckets and the black back-up singers really gave the performance the energy it was missing. I do not think she will make the semis though.

Third in line it’s Vicky Martinez singing the timeless Jolene. I have to make it known from the beginning, I LOVE THIS GIRL. She has everything in my opinion. She is the kind of artist who can pull an Adele, and she can revive Jolene. Love her to pieces. Anyways, me cheering aside, this is how you tackle an old classic. She had the attitude, the voice, the presence, the emotion. That performance was perfect. I cannot find a wrong with it. And as Xtina said, C-lo really did a good job with the ambience. Very nice girl! I think we will be seeing her in the semis. I certainly hope so.

Next up, Adam sends out Devon Barley doing Stop and Stare. I kinda had a grudge on this guy for knocking out Rebecca Loebe, because I loved her, but maybe it was for the best. He has a very nice voice, and above average control, but he is sorely lacking in confidence. He asked Adam how to push the emotion in a song, meaning he knew he couldn’t and he was crippled by that. I don’t remember Adam’s response, but on the performance, he seemed to think that he could sell it by pulling faces. I hate Broadway like I hate STDs, so this was a big minus in my book. If he just went out and sang, I think the result would have been more pleasant. Not that it was awful. But it was far from perfect. Methinks he’s not gonna make it.

And now, there’s a special treat for us. It’s C-Lo’s team doing Everyday People. I loved it. I couldn’t help but compare it to Xtina’s group number, and this one right here, it was fun and bright and cool and colorful. It was very good. I thought the tall country guy had nothing to do with it, but hey, you take the good with the bad.
After this number, we go to Nakia. Nakia is the name of my grandma. She is ancient. And Nakia isn’t black. So why Nakia would chose to be called just that, is beyond me. Anyways, in direct contrast with the name, his performance of Sex on Fire was stellar. I loved it. Loved it. He has a very, very good and powerful and smokey voice, and there were fire ladies. That alone won me over, but in all fairness, Nakia is one hell of a performer. If it were up to me, he and Vicky would fly through the semis. And I think they will.

And now it’s Jeff Jenkins. He sings Jesus, Take the Wheel by Carrie, a very emotional and powerful song, which in the hands of the right performer, is a literal flamethrower. Judging that Jeff was dedicating it to his mom, who has passed away, and remembering his Elton John song, I expected a lot more of him. The song was sung in part nasally, and he was trying to give it emotion, but I didn’t feel it. The judges loved it of course, and I think America will forgive this one performance. I think he’ll go through. Hey, If Frenchie did…

After Jeff’s performance, Team Adam is up with a rendition of With a Little Help from My Friends. It had a choir, an element that always shoots a performance upwards. And if it hadn’t had that choir, the performance would have been aggressively bad. Everyone, Adam included relied heavily of the big sound of the vocal, and the Cocker scream was killed by Adam. The scream died. It is dead right now. And along with it, the performance. A shame.

Moving on. Now we have the tall, country guy, whose name is Curtis Grimes, according to Wikipedia. I don’t like country. I rarely find a song that is both country and alive, and it usually is an international hit. So, for C-Lo to take Addicted to Love, and give it to this guy, for him to suck all the energy out of, while having cowgirls dancing around… It was atrocious. Tina Turner should sue. Robert Palmer, God rest his soul, would have fallen in a deep depression had he heard it. I will not grace this abomination with a word more.

And last, we have, the heavily pimped Javier Colon. I did not see that one coming, did you? So weird. Javier singes Angel, in his super-melisma and piano way. I swear, he uses more melisma than a Mosque singer. I usually enjoy melisma, but when it is used that heavily, when the entire vocal is based on just that, it becomes hard to stomach. Melisma is a tool in a vocal, not the centerpiece of it. However, I think he’ll go on.

So, to conclude, Nakia and Vicky from C-Lo, and Javier and Jeff from Adam will go through. I have to say that right now, C-Lo is killing it. Seriously, he is a doing an amazing job. As I’ve said, Xtina has no chance in hell, but Blake may take it too. We’ll see.


Silvio, Out!


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