The Voice- Was It Worth A Watch?

The highly anticipated The Voice began last night with judges Jessie J,, Tom Jones and Danny O’Donoghue taking centre stage. After lots of competitive talk with Simon Cowell, was the Voice actually any good?

All this week, the BBC and The Voice judges have been criticising Simon Cowell and his popular reality TV shows including Britain’s Got Talent which premiered also last night. Tom Jones was quoted as saying, “Simon Cowell is not qualified to judge” in the papers this week and also has also said that they don’t look after their acts properly and just milk them whilst they are on the show. Simon retaliated with the BBC being childish and that he had never asked Tom to be a judge. I love The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent and whatever happened last night I was going to tape either The Voice or Britain’s Got Talent and watch the other, which I’m sure most of the country would have also done too.

So The Voice began with the judges doing a performance of ‘I’ve Gotta Feeling’ which did seem a bit awkward but they all sung well and it showed that they all have good voices. The build up to explain what the blind auditions were about did seem to go on a bit and I’m sure we heard Tom Jones say it’s based on the voice a million times. However, once the judges all sat on their chairs and the first singer arrived, I was hooked.  The first girl out chose to sing a Jessie J song which went down well with all of the judges and she did do the song really well. With all the judges turning round, she chose to go with Jessie J which wasn’t a huge surprise. Next out was an ex five band member who I couldn’t really remember. He sang quite well but it wasn’t good enough and he left disappointed after no one turned round for him. I have to say the format is very gripping as you don’t know if anyone will spin round and it’s sad to see when nobody turns round as the singer reaches the end of the song.

Lively Samuel was full of life and I was pleased when Tom spun for him and saw potential in him. Toni was out next and was there due to her alopecia. She felt that with the judges facing away, they wouldn’t be able to see what she would look like and just focus on her voice. She had a very soulful voice and she wooed Danny, Jessie and Sir Tom. She ultimately decided Jessie was for her so Jessie gained her second member. I do think the fact they can’t see the people auditioning makes it better with them really focusing on the singer’s voice rather than the looks.

A delightful girl comes out next called Aundrea who has bright purple hair. She has a good voice, maybe not brilliant but Tom sees potential in her and he earns his second act. Next out is cute Adam who has a really good voice. I really enjoyed the song he performed and he won a place on Sir Tom’s team after choosing him rather than Will tells us that he has some tricks up his sleave and a plan (although it doesn’t seem to be working so far!). We then get to meet a young good looking couple who have both turned out for the auditions. Max goes first and I really was wowed by his voice. I loved his medly and I think he was one of my favourites of the night. He is the first one to go with Danny and I think they will work well together. His girlfriend also comes out and although she is very pretty, her version of the Climb doesn’t wow the judges (or me) and she goes home to support her boyfriend.

Next up was internet sensation Ben who seemed a bit up himself when he explained his internet success. However his voice was really good and wowed all the judges. It was really quirky and unusual. He decided to join Jessie J’s team after a full house of judges. After seeing Phil who was a delivery van driver from Leicester and didn’t get through after a fairly weak performance, we were finally at our final act.

J Marie Cooper told us about her mother passing but didn’t do the whole sob story thing and came out to the judges. She sang Jessie J’s Mama Knows Best and I loved every minute. She was full of fire and power in her voice and she oozed confidence. She reminded me a lot of one of my favourite group’s leading ladies, Hayley Williams. With all the judges turning round, she chose to join’s group.

So the show was more and more gripping and I really enjoyed listening to all the different tunes. I love Jessie J as a judge and the others are ok too although Will and Danny will get on my nerves after a while. Didn’t really see Reggie and Holly as much as we normally see presenters such as Ant and Dec and Dermott and they weren’t really needed.  I think later in the shows we will hopefully get to see them more. I did enjoy the Voice and thought the blind auditions were a breath of fresh air. I do think it might get a bit more like the X Factor when we reach the battles and live rounds as it will be down to the public again and ultimately another X Factor.


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