The Voice: Xenia Martinez beats Sara Oromchi to become Team Blake

The final spot on Blake Shelton’s team on The Voice was between teenage singers Xenia Martinez and Sara Oromchi.

Country star Blake brought in the legendary Reba McIntyre to help coach the two girls. And his choice of song for Xenia and Sara is an unusual one: I’ll Stand By You by The Pretenders. Both girls seem to be struggling with shyness on the episode. During the rehearsals, Blake notes that while Sara may have the edge in confidence, Xenia has the more unique voice.

Xenia kicks off proceedings with a smooth jazzy voice, though she looks frozen in terror on the boxing-ring stage. Sara struggles with tuning problems throughout her portions of the song. The two girls have a clear case of stage fright, though they manage decent harmonies right at the end of the song. Still, neither good enough to be performing live, in my opinion.

Performance notes

Christina Aguilera commented: “Xenia, you have a really interesting, really cool tone to your voice, and I really really enjoy that. And then on the other hand, I felt that you had more confidence Sara, but your voice was very shaky and I know nerves are a huge part of going into this and you were definitely pitchy and showing it in your voice.”

Cee Lo Green said: “You guys are both able and I was equally impressed by the both of you.”

Adam Levine remarked: “Hi ladies. You’re 16? It’s amazing. You guys are so young. It was pitchy, and there were nerves flying around everywhere, and notes that weren’t being hit. This wasn’t you guys’ fault, but it wasn’t the right song for your voices, I thought.”

Blake Shelton agrees: “He’s got a point. It is a tough song. But the music industry’s tough and there’s times you’ve got to step up to the plate and make things happen, even if you don’t like it and it doesn’t seem right.” Reba interjects that both girls were really nervous during the rehearsals.

Xenia becomes the final member of Team Blake

Despite weak performances from both girls, Blake Shelton chooses Xenia Martinez as the final member of his team for the show. This may be because Xenia has a unique vocal tone, or it may have been because she was a slightly stronger (and more tuneful) singer during the battle round. Either way, Xenia clearly has the vocal talent, but she needs to realise this and work on her confidence and stage presence.

Xenia joins Patrick Thomas, Jared Blake and Dia Frampton on Blake’s team.

Do you agree with Adam Levine that I’ll Stand By You was a poor song choice? And do you think that Blake chose the right singer?

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