The wait is ova…Wait Your Turn video by Rihanna is here!

Rihanna has released the video for promotional single Wait Your Turn on 3 November, the first track to be taken from her upcoming fourth studio album Rated R. This was originally thought to be released alongside soon-to-be released single Russian Roulette as an official single, but no, it’s just a promo. Hard featuring rent-a-rapper Young Jeezy will be the official second single.

Now, that housekeeping is out of the way is Wait Your Turn any good? Well, yes, I think so. But just like her current (amazing) dark ballad Russian Roulette, this song is going to have people divided. Moving far far away from the pop heavy previous album Good Girl Gone Bad (which saw the release of a staggering nine hit singles), Wait Your Turn sees Rihanna sing against a heavy hip hop beat in a strong Caribbean accent. The song is definitely not mainstream but has a lot of swagger and I do like the production, it gives a feeling of epicness in relation to Rihanna, someone I had previously dismissed as a throwaway pop puppet. But I admire her for not choosing the safe option because if she had released Good Girl Gone Bad Part II, I believe she would have been eclipsed by Lady GaGa. But here, Rihanna separates herself from all her contemporaries (apart from GaGa because Rihanna’s style is getting crazier and crazier).

I also quite like the noir-ish video. While many may deem it a recession bore, I think it’s quite stylistic, probably because of the interesting backgrounds featured. Much more interesting than the endless black and white yawn fests Beyoncé’s been releasing lately.

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