The Waters Of Mars Screening

I just got back from yesterday’s amazing [[The Waters Of Mars (Doctor Who episode)|Waters Of Mars]] screening in London. What a rush that was! From the cosy little cinema in the Soho Hotel, the assembled members of the press got to see the whole episode. Russell T Davies was there, [[David Tennant]] was also there. I even spotted the Doctor’s daughter, Georgia Moffett there (she’s a really pretty girl, looks a bit like Little Boots).

Anyway, it wouldn’t be fair to spoil the episode so far in advance, so don’t worry about finding out too much from this post. What I will say is that based on the trailer’s I’ve seen for Waters Of Mars, I thought the whole episode would be abysmal. Really. I had serious concerns that David Tennant’s third-last [[Doctor Who (TV Series)|Doctor Who]] would be a complete washout.

Let’s face it, The Doctor has wound up on these remote space colonies in the past, facing nameless evils – The Satan Pit for one, arguably Silence In The Library for another. I figured Waters Of Mars for another of those claustrophobic space disaster stories that don’t rank among my favourites.

I still hold that the ‘scary water’ storyline is a bit clumsily executed. “Water always waits, water always wins…” However, it gives an excellent backdrop to the real story – and a massive dilemma for The Doctor which will pave the way to his demise. Add to that the tantalising trailers for “The End Of Time”, and you’ll be salivating for the two Christmas specials!


How to tease you without giving the story away? Well, I’d definitely advise you to go back and watch the Pompeii episode – a Doctor and Donna adventure. There’s lots of stuff in there that’s relevant to this episode. Also, you might want to check out The Runaway Bride, the first episode to feature Donna Noble. Events in that episode, and Pompeii, also hint at something important to The Doctor.

Oh, and the name of the base (and the episode, I suppose) is actually quite a strong hint toward an upcoming guest star in the next episode.

The End Of Time

At the end of the episode, we got a preview of Tennant’s penultimate episode as The Doctor – The End Of Time. It’s got Bernard Cribbins as Wilf, which is excellent. We already knew that, but it’s excellent. Catherine Tate seems to be in the episode as Donna, but she wasn’t doing much. Russell T Davies said that Donna’s mother would also be featured. We also see John Simm as an almost feral-looking blonde version of The Master. Again, we heard that Lucy Saxon, The Master’s wife would be in the episode as well – will she be friend to The Doctor or foe? We’ll just have to wait and see.


I just want to say thanks to the BBC and their publicists for inviting Unreality TV along to the screening – it’s the first time we’ve had an invitation this cool, and an honour to be part of this. You know how much we love Doctor Who!

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  1. Deliquesant Moon

    Lyndsy Duncan plays a character called Brooke, after Jackson Lake, River Song and upcoming Amy Pond, are these watery names a clue to something Ive missed?

  2. Philip Palmer

    I agree completely about this stunning ep…visually it was wonderful (a staggering shot of the Mars base at night) and the moral crisis was beautiful conveyed.  Never before have I feared for the Doctor’s soul – that’s a brilliant narrative twist.

    Wish I’d been at the preview screening!


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