The world is going gaga for Lady Gaga

It seems as though the world has gone truly gaga for Lady Gaga, and rightly so! She is an amazing performer, brilliant vocalist, puts on captivating shows and truly cares about her fans. Speaking on Paul O’Grady’s show April 20th 2009, Lady Gaga or just (Gaga), as she prefers to be called, said how she loves her amazing fans and is not a millionaire. Gaga likes to spend her money on props for her shows, fashion, etc and how she “doesn’t want Range Rovers”

She also performed a fantastic rendition of Poker Face, her second number one to date, which had replies screaming from the audience “we love you Gaga”. She is becoming famed for not only her genius creativity in song writing and her performance, but also for her eccentric fashion. There is nothing Gaga won’t do for fashion and even her lavender teacup is becoming a famous icon. 

She is definitely a breath of fresh air in the music industry, and I have to say I absolutely love her!! Along with thousands if not millions of other people who are buying her music like it was going out of fashion, but Lady Gaga will NEVER go out of fashion! 

We love you Lady Gaga! xox


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  1. Lisa McGarry

    I loved Lady Gaga when she apeared on American Idol, I think Poker Face is one of the most amazing songs that has been released in recent years. However I didn’t think her performance on Jonathan Ross last Friday was quite as captivating. It was a bit pitchy and she looked a little crazed (even more than usual!). I missed Paul OGrady though, I’ll have to see if I can catch it on 4OD.

  2. Gerard McGarry

    I think she’s absolutely amazing – it’s so nice to see someone ripping up the rule book. She’s not trying to be cutesy or pretty and in some places Lady GaGa can be quite scary, but she’s definitely a great songwriter and she’s coming out with awesome music.

    Secretly, I hope that she doesn’t decide to write too many songs for other people because I think that would water down her uniqueness!

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