The X-Factor Finalists 2009: You Are Not Alone

The X-Factor Finalists of 2009 release their charity cover of Michael Jackson’s You Are Not Alone on 13th November 2009 in Ireland and 16th November 2009 in the UK. Surprisingly enough, this was not as bad as I thought it would be. Okay, it’s a complete cheesefest from start to finish but everyone throws in a solid vocal performance (even Jedward) and it’s not near as sickly as last year’s finalists cover of Mariah Carey’s Hero. Standouts on the song are most definitely Joe, Rikki, Miss Frank, Lucie and Danyl who carry the majority of the song. So while the song is a pleasant enough listen, no doubt you’ll be sick of it by the time it hits the Number 1 spot next week. But hey, it is for charity and could place the (much better) original back in the charts. The single’s B-side includes a stripped back version of the song which basically removes all the overblown, choir backed production that Simon Cowell loves oh so much! As for the video, well it’s basically just a rehash of last year’s snoozable Hero video except with different people, naturally. All the contestants try to look as compassionate as they can but really look like they’re in desperate need of a toilet. There are images of the finalists going to visit the children at Great Ormond Street Hospital which shows what heartwarming people they are even though it is a bit sickly.

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