The X Factor Results Show: John Adeleye is eliminated!

In a devastating turn of events, Wagner Carrilho didn’t get eliminated in tonight’s X Factor results show. Nor did Simon’s third-rate girl group Belle Amie, probably because they impressed the Cheryl fan club with their cover of Girls Aloud’s cover of The Pretenders’ I’ll Stand By You.

In fact, neither of those two acts were even in the bottom two!

It’s hardly a scandal on the level of the Great Condem Economic Disaster 2010, but tonight’s bottom two were Treyc Cohen and John Adeleye. Both are among the top singers in the competition, but funnily enough I remember bemoaning the fact that both of them come across as completely uninteresting compared to tabloid darlings like Chery Lloyd and Katie Waissel.

So, the pair of them battled to the (television) death in the sing-off, Treyc singing Jennifer Hudson’s One Night Only and John inexplicably choosing Kelly Clarkson’s Beacuse Of You. It was a little bit sad to see Treyc reverting to the diva cliché. It was clearly her safe zone, to belt out a power ballad in order to save her ass. And it worked. 

John’s sing-off song was a bit of a risk for him, and he seemed nervous in places as well as apparently forgetting his words at one point. We were monitoring the buzz on Twitter, and most people seemed to want the judges to let the decision go to deadlock and be decided on the public vote. However, the only judge to vote in John’s favour was his mentor, Louis Walsh.

However, Louis Walsh may well be to blame for John’s departure. Once again, Louis kept throwing outdated or cliched songs at John instead of giving him the type of songs he identified with as an artist. We saw John later on The Xtra Factor saying that he didn’t think he got the right songs, and if he’d had a chance to do the same dancing and singing that we saw in the group numbers on Sunday nights, things might have turned out differently.

In voting to save Treyc Cohen, Dannii Minogue cautioned her that she keeps showing the public different personas each week and that she needs to pick an image and stick to it. Simon Cowell advised her that the public may not have connected with the rock chick vibe that she displayed on Saturday night.

The challenge for Treyc going forward now is can she excite the public enough to make them vote for her every week? I’m not sure. There are quite a few fantastic singers on this year’s X Factor who suffer from boringitis – they don’t get the same big headlines as the Katie Waissels or the Cher Lloyds. I’m thinking Rebecca Ferguson, Paije Richardson, Treyc Cohen and of course dearly departed John Adeleye.

It’s a shame, because they’re probably the superior singers, but they’re not being developed properly as artists or having enough written about them in the papers. Do you guys have any feelings about this?

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