The X Factor Show Five: Saturday 18th September 7.30pm ITV1

This week The X Factor auditions hit Manchester, with Nicole Scherzinger joining Simon and Louis on the Judging panel, Cheryl is off sick with malaria.

Talking about taking her place at the Judges’ desk, Nicole says: “I’m so excited to be here. I think, for me, what The X Factor means is just this star quality, this light.”

“I’m excited about sitting with Simon and Louis. I’m ready for the challenge.  I’m ready to take it on… I’m going to hold it down for us girls on the panel.”


‘I’m different, I’m unique”


First to take to the stage is Rachel, who’s biggest inspiration is Lady Gaga, “because she’s individual, unique, different, just like me I’m different, I’m unique.


Rachel, 44, is originally from Hong Kong and now lives in Manchester.


She sings Whitney’s Saving All My Love To You


Simon: “Well Rachel I’m not being rude but this is one million percent not for you darling. I mean this is something that has to be done behind closed walls, you know your walls. You were screaming the song. You look surprised.”


With Simon not impressed, will it be the end of the road for Rachel?


“I used to sing for my Grandma, all sorts of cheesy songs.”


18-year-old Aiden is from Blackpool.


“I used to go round to my Grandma’s house and I used to sing for my Grandma, all sorts of cheesy songs. I used to make her stand in the kitchen so she couldn’t see me cos I used to get embarrassed when she looked at me.”


When asked who he thinks he could be as big as, Aiden says, “Somebody different, maybe Damien Rice.”


Aiden sings Gold-digger by Kanye West.


When asked what else he has, he says That’s Life by Michael Buble


Simon: “It worries me that you’ve got Michael Buble on there. The first song was great Aiden but I’ve got to tell you it makes me think you could be a bit of an impersonator.”


Aiden replies he’s going to sing it in his own style.


After his performance, Louis says, “Aiden, you’re like a breath of fresh air, you’ve got your own kind of swagger. You’re not impersonating anybody.”


Has Aiden done enough to secure a place at Bootcamp?


“If I can get further than all these young people and I’m in it to win it.”


Hazel, 69, is from Cheshire, and her reason for being here is “to go to Bootcamp.  If I can get further than all these young people and I’m in it to win it.”


Hazel takes to the stage for her chance in front of the judges.


Simon: “Tell me something about you, what do we need to know about you?”


Hazel: “My husband left me last September.”


Simon: “And Hazel, are you hoping to find somebody new or do you want to win him back?”


Hazel: “Oh I don’t know yet, depends who I meet doesn’t it. I might meet somebody nice on this show!”


Hazel dances and crowd cheers!


Nicole to Louis: “She’s got a twinkle in her eye when she’s looking at you!”


Hazel sings Simply The Best by Tina Turner.


Louis: “Hazel: I thought it was very entertaining.”


Hazel: “Thanks Louis, I can be more entertaining!”


Nicole: “I just love the energy and the spirit that you brought to that song.”


Hazel: “Oh thanks folks, thanks so much.”


Simon: “Okay Hazel, look, I love you. The singing, nobody could listen to an album of you doing that. I mean you just couldn’t…I’m going to kick this off and say absolutely ‘no’ for the next round based on your singing voice.”


Nicole: “I love how courageous you are and what you stand for, for being out here and you look good honey…I’m gonna say yes!”


Hazel: “Oh thanks, Nicole. Oh Louis, come on Louis, don’t let me down Louis…”


With Louis left to cast the deciding vote, has Hazel caught his eye enough to make her way through to Bootcamp?


“I’m a full time yummy mummy.”


Chloe, 19, from Wakefield, describes herself as a “full time yummy mummy.”


She adds: “I’m here at X Factor because everywhere I go I don’t fit in properly anyway but I know the place I would really fit in is just on stage. Singing is my passion, it’s what I love to do, I know I can do it good.”


“To me image is really, really important so even if it’s just to answer the door to takeaway anything, it takes at least 3 hours to get ready. I think I’m definitely what the judges are looking for, there’s no one out there like me. I act like a star, sing like a star, dance like a star, dress like a star, I’m the recipe for the star.


“I don’t want to be a person that lives and dies and that’s it and no one would know who you are. Even after I’m dead I still want to be remembered. I’m going to blow them judges away big time today.”


Chloe: Obviously I wanna live me dream but I wanna do it for my daughter cos I wanna show her a live I never had and I just wanna blow you away.


She takes her place on stage and sings Summertime.


After singing some of the song, Simon asks her to sing something else.


Chloe sings Underneath Your Clothes by Shakira.


Chloe: “Right listen yeah, I’ve not got a CD to practise with yeah so I’ve been practising without it so this is last minute. Okay, do you know what it is honestly, yeah, I’ve let meself down yeah, but I honestly can sing.”


Louis: “It’s just not working. It’s just not working cos you’re totally unprepared for the audition.”


Chloe: “I know but honestly, yeah, I don’t wanna bring it up as an excuse, yeah, but I’m going through a lot of things, yeah, with me boyfriend of 6 years.”


Crowd boo.


Nicole: “Chloe I don’t know if you’ve convinced me that you really care about this so much, that you really want it.”


Simon: “I agree.”


Chloe: “Do you know what yeah, can I sing another song without music, do you know what it is yeah…do you know what, yeah, please let me sing another song without a CD or anything, yeah, because I can sing but I’ve just ruined my chance. And do you know what I’m so nervous, yeah, I put a front on cos I’m so nervous, that’s what it is.”


Simon: “Chloe look, I don’t know if this is going to surprise you or not but I actually really like you.”


Chloe: “Do you?”


Simon: “Yeah. I think that you are unprepared, but I actually think you’re talented.”


Louis kicks of the voting: “Listen, we’re going to vote and I’m going to start it off and I’m going to have to say no.”


Nicole: “Come on girl, I believe in you okay…I’m going to give you a shot and I say yes.”


Simon: “Chloe this is the most frustrating audition I’ve ever sat in, in my life. I’ve heard more rubbish from you in the last 5 minutes than I’ve ever heard and yet still I think there’s something there.”


Will Simon be giving this ‘yummy mummy’ a vote through to Bootcamp?


“When I got pregnant with Lily, everyone just said you’re life’s over.”


Rebecca, 23, lives in Liverpool with her two children.


Rebecca says, “I was very confident as a child, I was very, very cocky.  I was always singing and always dancing and then when I got pregnant with Lily, everyone just said you’re life’s over, you’re never going to become anything. I started to think well maybe I won’t be able to become a singer. Who’s gonna want me now I’ve had a kid so I’m just gonna give it a try this year and see how it goes.”


Rebecca breaks down in tears.


“It just means so much to me. I’ve never wanted to be anything else…I’m just gonna do my best when I get on that stage.”


Simon: “Why have you decided you want to become a singer?”


Rebecca: “I’ve never really wanted to be anything else but a singer but I thought I need to have something steady and stable for the kids so I thought, go to college, educate myself.”


Rebecca sings A Change Is Gonna Come.


Nicole: “Rebecca, your voice really moves me and I love to listen to you. It’s okay to be vulnerable in your music but you still have to connect to the people that you’re singing to so just keep that in mind.”


Simon: “I think the problem is, Rebecca, you kind of go off in to your own little world where like you’re singing to yourself and we’re trying to catch up with you the whole time which means you’re not making it as emotional as it could be. I think that’s a confidence issue.”


Rebecca: “Yeah, I think I’ve lost my confidence.”


Have Rebecca’s emotions got the better of her or will she be making her way to Bootcamp?

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