I thought it’d be interesting to start off thsi group discussing our theories of this film.

It’s a film that messes with your head and therefore a lot of people seem to have varying thoughts on it… Especially the whys, hows etc…

I submitted a report about this in my media studies class which I will upload here at some point when I can find it again(!)

Basically I believe it’s about time travel. Some of you will be going “Duh!!” but it was to my surprise that a lot of my classmates came up with different ideas – often missing, ignoring or dismissing the fact that time travel is at least a part, if not the foundations of the entire film!


Please, share your theories here!


  1. Ageing tart

    Robin, I wish you all the best with your theory and media studies course.

    You know when authors write a book qpparently there is only 7 stories in the entire world but each story is told and unfolds in such a special way they become unique.

    Time travel is a great subject for old and new alike.


    Ageing tart


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