Tigers That Talked – new single – Artificial Clouds

I wanted to share this one with our New Music Showcase group – it’s the latest single by Leeds-based Indie foursome Tigers That Talked. I’ve had the video for Artificial Clouds playing in the background this evening, and the song is another one of those beautiful, delicate Indie-ballads that I’m growing fond of this season.

Jamie Williams of the band describes the song as

about the hope of breaking down borders between people and of rediscovering a connection.  It evokes one lover’s desperation to recover and retrace back from the point at which romance falls apart and is replaced by a sense of disconnection, longing & loss.

I won’t go overboard pontificating about the song. It’s simple, beautiful, the instrumentation soars and lulls and I think you’ll like it.

To listen to more from Tigers That Talked, check out their official website and MySpace pages.

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