Time Out: Special Doctor Who Commemorative Cover – out tomorrow!

Great news for [[Doctor Who (TV Series)|Doctor Who]] fanatics – Time Out magazine are releasing a special collector’s edition of their magazine tomorrow, with ten different covers, each with one of the ten incarnations of The Doctor on them!

While the magazine goes on sale on 8th December 2009, fans looking for a collectors set can buy online via the Time Out website. It’s about £21 for all ten editions.

It’s great to see the likes of Hartnell and Troughton against modern London landmarks and in full colour. The Time Out crew were granted special access to the BBC photo archives for the best photos of each Doctor. And there’s more…

Inside the magazine we explore the love affair between the Doctor and London, you’ll find an exclusive interview with Russell T Davies and a preview of the new Doctor, Matt Smith. It’s a must have for any true Doctor Who fan.

And here, for your viewing pleasure, are the other covers in the series – from Hartnell to [[David Tennant|Tennant]]:

First Doctor, William Hartnell enters the TARDIS in the shadow of London’s BT Tower.

Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, looking slightly scornful about something.

Third Doctor (and sometime scarecrow), Jon Pertwee looking slightly more vampire than Time Lord in Trafalgar Square.

Fifth Doctor, Peter Davison, in his cricket whites, looking mean n’ moody in Pudding Lane.

Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker paying a visit to the infamous Totter’s Lane scrapyard?

The slightly comical looking Seventh Doctor, Sylvester McCoy.

Time Lord for only one screen outing, Eigth Doctor Paul McGann is pictured across the Thames from the Houses Of Parliament. Loving that cravat.

The man who regenerated the Doctor Who series in 2005, Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston, fresh from a post-Time War regeneration. My personal favourite doctor!

And finally…Doctor #10, Mr David Tennant. He’ll definitely be remembered for his portrayal and goes down in the history books as one of the best Doctors ever.

Thanks to Time Out for allowing us to publich these images, and don’t forget that you can get your collector’s copies here.

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  1. eleventhdr

    Yeah this is kinda sorta of what and where i want to go personallly witht eh doctor but just about ten step further then this even!

    i ahve been on many of what were considered  the best doctor who sites and forums over the coutless years since i ever came in and discovered the doctor back in 1983  it was on a  very boring sunday evening was searching the tv scedule and found the doctor quite by accident on  that sunday lsited at 1:00 10:30 a night that sunday  it was Tom Baker  his second ep  ark in space  and i can remember standing there watching this man running around  in his big floppey hat scarf  and all  and almost immediatly i wanted in   and from that time to this have never looked back and wondered what it was that would hook you it just seemed like the natuarl wah and thing to do  from then on in!


    and so  for me as just perhaps many others out there the doctor  just seem to fit just ever so right and there was omething  impeeling about  wanting to follow it forever


    anyway  i am still in it and am alwasy loooking for  ways to  continue the legacy of the doctor  and all that he is ans stands for!



    so yeah thses covers will do very nicely but really ahve some other ideas i sure would like to get out there myself of which i have and am lawasy trying to work on video  muiltply doctor who comic strip muiltply doctor who  i have alwasy felt personally thet mulitply doctors are the very best of story lines and so want to continue to promote this  if and when any others at all feel this way please do not hesitate to contact me jlesllie492@hotmail.com  maybe some maybe able to help me get the ideas that i want to work on out thee can not hurt to  seek it out  you never know  someonew maybe on my wave  ofr this!  thnak’s for the covers ideas  i sure would liie to add my thers to those shown here and to get poster size  printouts of the ones shown that i would really love to do please let me know!



    Thank’s ever so Jay the Eleventh Doctor frist name The ha ha!

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