Timothy Dalton for Chuck Season 4

[[Chuck (TV Series)|Chuck]] fans are in for another treat this year – a real, pedigree spy will be joining the show!

That’s right, former James Bond actor Timothy Dalton will be appearing in the fourth season of Chuck. The news was announced this evening on show creator Josh Schwartz’s Twitter account:

So excited that Timothy Dalton is going to be on CHUCK! First Bond I saw in theaters and a great comic actor as well. Big arc!!!

One of the best things about Chuck is that they always manage to draft in iconic figures from memorable TV shows and movies. The Chuck team have already scored a major coup by signing Linda Hamilton (aka Sarah Connor from the Terminator movies) to play Chuck and Ellie’s mother.

Quantum Leap star Scott Bakula appeared last year as Chuck’s father, Stephen Bartowski.

As to what Timothy Dalton’s role on the show will be, he’s described as a ‘mysterious stranger’ linked to Chuck’s equally mysterious mother. One thing’s for sure, for an actor of Dalton’s pedigree, he won’t remain in the shadows for long. The last wee saw of Dalton in geek circles, he was appearing as the maniacal leader of the Time Lords in [[Doctor Who (TV Series)|Doctor Who]], as part of David Tennant’s final episodes.

The fourth season of Chuck begins on NBC on the 20th September 2010.

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