Tinie Tempah ft Eric Turner – Written In The Stars – Single review

My bad. I saw a black rapper doing an awesome collaboration with a guy who looked like a bit of a rocker and assumed it was B.o.B. You’ve got to admit, the rapping style on the track could have been B.o.B.

With Tinie Tempah, his first two singles sounded almost identical. Pass Out and Frisky leaned on a similar electronic style. Nothing wrong with that, but I’d already filed Tempah under ‘one trick pony’ and moved on.

This, Written In The Stars, is a refreshing surprise. Backed up with an incredible hook sung by Eric Turner, this track straddles rock and hip hop in a very convincing way. A little bit like Aeroplanes, which brings me right back to…

Anyway…it’s nice to hear Tinie Tempah delivering something a little bit different. While his other singles have had to grow on me, this one’s been an immediate hit for me. Although if there’s a small gripe, it’s that the rapping itself is the filler for that excellent chorus. I kind of yearn for the days when rap was all about the words, but the lyrics here tend to blend into the background. And when they don’t – like where he bemoans people working hard just to get their salary taxed – he displays a phenomenal ignorance of how governments work. Maybe he’s one of those damned commies? Wait until he starts getting those record label paychecks.

Sadly, you’ve got to go to YouTube to watch the video, but pop back here and give us your verdict when you’re done!

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  1. Dara Hickey

    It’s brilliant. Easily his best single to date, and considering his weekly competition, he’s probably got that upper hand, even against Kylie’s ‘Get Outta My Way’, for his THIRD #1 single.

    And you’re right, this song does discuss similar themes to B.o.B. and Hayley’s ‘Airplanes’, which was brilliant to see a modern rapper other than the increasingly depressing Eminem and the dreary Kanye West to be rapping about something other than going out and getting wasted or “rubbin’ up da shawties”. COUGH COUGH ROLL DEEP.

    Soz, just clearing my throat.

    And HEY! Jesus is on the piano!

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