Tiresome Robbie Williams / Take That reunion rumour surfaces again

Robbie Williams

It’s clearly a slow news day in Celeb-land, as The Sun and The Mirror both regurgitate Robbie Williams quotes from his visit to We Will Rock You the other night.

The Mirror reckon Robbie said he was definitely going to rejoin Take That (a dull rumour that’s been doing the rounds every month since 2005). However, while The Sun’s report agrees with this, it also says that he was dashing back to the studio to record with Mark Ronson.

Now, let’s imagine that you’ve been asked the same question for four years: “Any chance of you rejoining Take That, Rob?” Why not just nod your head and go along with it? “Yeah, yeah. Even though I’m clearly recording a solo album, I’d love nothing more than to hook up with Take That again.”

Don’t you think that he might want to wait and see how well his new album does before committing himself to Take That?

Anyway, with Mark Ronson’s brand of music hitting the overexposure point, will his ‘magic touch’ be effective in rejuvenating Robbie’s career? I don’t think so. His collaboration with the Kaiser Chiefs has sent that particular band packing with a poor-selling third album.

To be honest, I’ve kind of got used to Take That without him and I’m not exactly missing his presence in the charts. But I still have a soft spot for Robbie, and he does have to make a living. Maybe we should have a whip-round, spare him from helping tarmac roads in China again?

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