Tom Williams and The Boat – Get Older – Single review

If you could bundle all your bitterness, anger and resentment up into one explosive song, would you do it? Of course you would. Then you’d play it back at top volume whenever you felt the familiar stirrings of those emotions. And it would amplify them, make them more intense for just the duration of that song. And then you’d feel better.

At least that’s how I think it works. Record an angry song as a therapy for dealing with future anger.

Which leads me to Tom Williams and The Boat (no, he’s not a sailor) and their thumping, dramatic angry epic single, Get Older. Williams himself propels the song with a vocal that’s by turns brooding, then spitting with rage. I’d imagine if you stripped away the backing track, it would feel like one of those atmospheric poetry recitals. That’s not a criticism – I mean that all the emotion is there, in the vocal.

The band back those vocals up beautifully, with thumping bass drum in the verses and a frenzied noise in the choruses. Honestly, Get Older has to be heard to understand what I’m talking about here. It’s monumental. It’s epic. It’s Tom Williams’ dark side poured into a song. Don’t believe me? Here’s one of the lyrics, displaying a tendency toward murder:

And I doused your bed in petrol and I signed my name on your bedroom window.

Have a listen, then go and listen to some more of their stuff at the official Tom Williams and The Boat site.

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