Film Review - Prometheus (in 3D)

The "Alien" prequel that isn't an "Alien" prequel, this has been my most eagerly-anticipated film of the year. I've managed to avoid pretty much everything about it, so did it disappoint?

Well, to be honest, yes. If you're going to reboot a franchise, then you're obviously going to have to live up to what came before. And on pretty much every level, "Prometheus" fails by comparison.

Film Review - The Raid

A hugely enjoyable, viscerally violent film, this has you on the edge of your seat, heart pounding, face wincing, eyes desperately trying to keep up with the complicated, yet beautiful fight choreography.

The action isn't quite as non-stop as many reviews claim, but the film is better for that, as whilst the plot may be slight, there is more than enough to keep you invested and interested. The cast are superb, a recognisably diverse range of faces and characters, each giving their roles their all.

Film Review - Marvel Avengers Assemble (in 3D)

Having enjoyed all of the Marvel movies to date (especially Iron Man onwards), I was looking forward to this film, but not quite as much as a lot of others seemed to be. I've been far more excited about Prometheus, The Dark Knight Rises and Brave, but this has proven to be everything I hoped it could be and more.

Film Review - The Cabin in the Woods

This film sees its co-writer and producer, Buffy creator Joss Whedon, finally reunited with the horror genre, alongside several of his TV alumni. What could possibly go wrong? Truthfully, I can't decide if this is absolute genius or absolute garbage. Upon reflection, I'd have to say it's an equal balance of both.