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Celebrity Big Brother: My thoughts on the latest series!

  • Posted on: 1 September 2013
  • By: JoPalmer

Celebrity Big Brother is about half way through and it's been quite an interesting series. The favourites keep changing and we are seeing a different side to these celebs. Who might win?

Big Brother finished with Sam winning and the series with Dexter and Gina seems like a distance memory. CBB started on the 22nd of August and 13 housemates were put in the house. We have already seen Danielle (Her main issue was the fact nobody knew who she was!) and Ron (up against strong characters) be evicted from the show.

Big Brother- 4 Weeks To Go!

Big Brother has been an interesting and strange series with loads of twists and secrets and lies. Now with only 4 weeks to go, I take a look at who might be crowned victorious.

From fake housemate Michael to the secret house with Dexter and Gina, this series has been one to watch. I have enjoyed all the twists and turns and think it's got better as the weeks have gone by. With one of the potential favourites to win leaving this week with Sophie, Sam and Dan up for eviction, the final five is bound to have a couple of surprises.

The Apprentice- Who Will Win?

Series 9 of The Apprentice has been a fun and interesting series with a bunch of clever candidates that have now been whittled down to 6. But which candidate will be Lord Sugar's business partner?

Lord Sugar along with Karren and Nick have been whittling down the candidates who have failed at different challenges. There has been some brilliant tasks this series including the dating website and the caravan task and the farm shops. A lot of the ladies went first and the last two weeks we have had big characters Jason and Alex leave who will be missed in the show.