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Who will win Celebrity Big Brother 2011?

  • Posted on: 6 September 2011
  • By: JoPalmer

Celebrity Big Brother ends in 2 days time and our favourite celebrity will be crowned the winner. Amy, Jedward, Bobby, Darren, Kerry, Lucien and Paddy remain but who should win?

Channel 5's Celebrity Big Brother has definitely been very different to channel 4's show. There has been mixed comments but the celebrities have definitely been quite entertaining to watch, especially Jedward! We also had Brian's awkward interview with Tara, Paddy's funny comments (which we could not really understand) and no walkouts surprisingly! Big Brother will start on Friday and we will meet new characters to watch over the next few months but who should steal the crown on the celebrity version on Thursday?

Sally Bercow evicted from Celebrity Big Brother 2011

Sally Bercow is the first housemate to be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother House

Last Friday, as punishment for failing her secret mission, Big Brother informed Kerry that she would automatically face eviction.

In a shock live twist, Kerry was made to nominate two of her housemates to face the public with her. Kerry chose Bobby and Sally. All three housemates faced the public vote to save.

Celebrity Big Brother 2011: Amy Childs reveals why she had a boob job!

Amy Childs has admitted that she decided to have a boob job, because she got so fed up with having to stuff her bra to make her breasts look bigger.

The former 'Only Way Is Essex' star had cosmetic surgery when she was younger, to increase her small boobs to a D cup and confessed that her friends didn't realise she's had it done, because they were so used to her stuffing her bra with five chicken fillets at a time.


X Factor 2011: Kitty Brucknell the reality TV addict!

'X Factor' wannabe Kitty Brucknell has been desperately chasing fame for years.


The 26 year old singer was featured on Saturday night's episode, singing well but acting really annoyingly after she was given four yeses from the judges and sent throught to bootcamp stage.

X Factor 2011 SPOILERS: Goldie Cheung struts, gyrates and rubs herself on Gary Barlow....oh and she sings too!

Transcribed from tomorrow night's X Factor show:

Goldie Cheung, 48, Hong Kong. Sings – Copper Bell

Producer: We’ve got a bit of a problem with the contestant back stage. She’s feeling a bit sick.

Finally Golide stops throwing up and makes her way onto the stage.