Sarah Connor Chronicles - S02E16 - Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep, episode review

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Sarah Connor is having trouble sleeping. Which is funny, because if she had to sit through the monologue she gave at the start of this episode, she'd nod off within minutes. That rambling intro could match one of Mohinder Suresh's duller introductions in Heroes.

To get some rest, she checks into a sleep clinic. But, in the tradition of [[Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TV Series)|Sarah Connor Chronicles]], she walks straight into a SkyNet experiment. The sleep center which is monitoring the sleep states of its patients is also surreptitiously recording brain data for some strange reason.

In between times, Sarah returns to the nightmares she's been experiencing. Except they play out in a linear pattern, giving a story within a story. Here Sarah confronts the man she shot in the desert factory a few weeks back.

Dollhouse - S01E05 - True Believer, episode review

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There's no doubt that [[Dollhouse (TV Series)|Dollhouse]] is improving incrementally with each passing week.

In True Believer, Echo is imprinted as a blind woman and sent to infiltrate a religious cult that's under investigation. She has a potentially dangerous operation to redirect all her visual inputs to the Government agency monitoring her, which has the unfortunate effect of blinding her for the duration of the assignment.

Oh, and by the way, the irony of the Dollhouse doing work for the Government while the FBI are trying to confirm the existence of the Dollhouse did not escape my attention.

In other news, Victor/Lubov is getting a boner for his fellow Doll, Sierra. Unfortunately, it's Topher who discovers this, resulting in a whole lot of juvenile crap about him not being able to say erection and substituting 'man-reaction' instead. Seriously, this guy rewires people's brains?

New Series: Genius

I've never watched anything with Dave Gorman before and wasn't completely sure this show, moving from Radio 4, would change that. How wrong can you be? I was laughing out loud quite early on (just at the unfurling the email address - I'm easily pleased) and the addition of Catherine Tate as the 'expert', with her anecdote about cutting off an alcoholic ex-boyfriend's hair while he slept (and telling him in the morning that he'd come home like it! Genius indeed.)  

Whatever happened to the third slayer?

I’m working my way through series 6 of Buffy, the Vampire Slayer at the moment, and it suddenly occurred to me - where is she, the third slayer? There has to be one - Kendra replaced Buffy when she died in the first series, Faith replaced Kendra when the awesome but bad bad Drusilla killed her - so who replaced Buffy when she snuffed it again in the fifth series? And why did this other slayer never make an appearance in Sunnydale, even for the finale?

We're onto the last disc - hubby's in for a shock; he knows nothing about Wicked Willow!


Sarah Connor Chronicles - S02E15 - Desert Cantos, episode review

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In the aftermath of the explosion at the desert factory, the Connor crew visit the town where the factory employees lived. They mingle with the grieving relatives in the town square. Sarah meets the wife of the man she killed at the factory, who seems totally oblivious to the fact that he was an evil expendable henchman (all those Austin Powers jokes about henchmen's families coming back now?)

Many reviewers are aghast at Sarah Connor Chronicles, and this episode could be at the epicenter of their irritation. Where last week's episode had Sarah mostly talking for ages to a cross-dresser/transsexual, this week she has endless boring discussion with the woman she unknowingly made a widow.

Dollhouse - S01E04, Gray Hour - episode review

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Four episodes in, and [[Dollhouse (TV Series)|Dollhouse]] is hitting interesting waters. "Gray Hour" sees Echo tooled up as a bank robber in an Ocean's Eleven style attempt to steal some aready-stolen artworks.

Ho-hum, you say, recycling a recycled Hollywood story for fun and profit? Well, it gets better. Echo's posing as a prostitute among a party of three men, when hotel security ask them to take their party to their room. Fair enough, they accept the bribe of two champaigne bottles and loudly leave the bar. Except five minutes later, Echo's character comes running down the corridor with a bleeding lip to the safety of the security guy. He takes her to a secure room, and according with hotel policy tries to bribe her to keep the incident under wraps. She repays him with a knee in the face and a period of unconsciousness.

Dollhouse - S01E03, Stage Fright - episode review

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Alright, third episode and a third personality for Echo in [[Dollhouse (TV Series)|Dollhouse]]. This time, she's a sassy backing singer for the Britney Spears of this fictional universe. Echo takes the guise of 'Jordan', tasked with befriending Rayna, a sexy popstrel who's got a stalker problem.

So, the peeps at the Dollhouse task Echo with being BFFs with Rayna, but give new 'Doll' Sierra (which is a type of Ford car in the UK, by the way - I'm waiting for a Doll called Mondeo) a secondary task of being Rayna's greatest fan. However, as the plot unfolds, Echo discovers that Rayna is actually in touch with her stalker and is, in fact, more than happy to end her career onstage with a bullet in her head.

Joss Whedon's Dollhouse - a quick review

Joss Whedon's Dollhouse series is an interesting piece of work. What seems to be a mish-mash of sci-fi ideas dating back to when Arnold Schwarznegger's character first got his brain reprogrammed in Total Recall all those years ago.

That's what happens in the Dollhouse. Beautiful people come in and have their brains erased resulting in a seemingly peaceful state that is also unsettlingly like a bovine dumbness. At least that's the look I read from Eliza Dushku's eyes when I watch this. Their handlers hire the 'dolls' out, programmed with a personality to suit their discerning needs. It's kind of like brainwashing meets whorehouse from what I can see.