Torchwood newsflash: Ianto Jones dead?

Ianto Jones

OMG! The evil alien invaders, the 456 decided to show [[Captain Jack Harkness|Jack Harkness]] that they’re serious about wiping out the human race. They release an airborne virus within the Thames House building that Jack and [[Ianto Jones|Ianto]] are inside.

It’s a classic show of strength, but it’s too late to evacuate. Ianto realises that things are dire and he and Jack say their goodbyes to each other. Ianto echoing the theme that Jack’s daughter mentioned at the start of the series – Jack will outlive everybody that he loves.

And slowly, Ianto dies in Jack’s arms. It’s sad, romantic and tragic all at once. After Ianto dies, Jack falls victim to the virus as well and dies for a short while.

Is there any hope for Ianto coming back? The only thing I can think of is that Jack kissed him on the lips. Hasn’t Jack saved lives that way in the past? I don’t know. After the loss of Owen and Tosh at the end of the last series, losing Ianto is as painful for fans as it probably was for Jack! Torchwood become a team of two.

Are you hoping Ianto will be resurrected, or is he permanently dead?

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  1. Callie K.

    I won’t be buying the DVDs or supporting the show or the next two Doctor Who specials in any way if they’ve killed off one of the few queer lead characters on television.  John Barrowman once said “The pink pound is powerful.” Well, I hope Russel T Davies doesn’t get a shilling from here on out if he actually did something this offensive.  I’m not even sitting in suspense for tomorrow night.  I’m disgusted with the whole thing.

    1. Ferd

      Oh, just because he is queer, he can’t be killed off. I think your acting like a god damn child if that’s the reason your not going to watch the show. We are all upset, not because the character was queer, but because of the character himself and the role he played in the show.

      1. Callie K.

        I think you’re being a little narrow minded here.  This wasn’t a queer character dying in a vaccuum.  This was about the only queer character in a relationship in sci-fi tv/cinema who just became “another dead queer,” just like all the other dead queers in television and cinema.  Because there’s two types of homosexual characters in television: the inoffensive, single sexless queer who’s played for laughs and the tragic queer who has gay sex and suffers terribly for it as all queers must suffer.

        I’m sure it’s great to be in the heterosexual majority and see heterosexuals in all kinds of relationships across the board and if a heterosexual in a relationship dies you can say “That was very sad” and move on.  You’re right, I’ll just move on to my other shows showing queer relationships not bogged down in “queer issues” but representing queer people in action/adventure oriented stories…..Oh wait.  Those other shows /don’t exist/.

        Even better, Ianto was fridged.  Just like the girlfriends of superheroes everywhere, he’s Jack’s latest personally motivating tragedy. (Feel free to google “women in refrigerators” if you’re also lucky enough not to pay personal attention to this trend because your gender is the heroic lead.)  His character was thrown away into a trope mostly reserved for women that will give Jack plenty of Angst and Woe while conviently keeping him trapped in a cycle of immature relationships.  That’s exactly the show I want to watch.

        It’s absolutely silly to think that Ianto being both queer and dead are completely unrelated.  Was it Russell T Davies saying “Heeeey, production companies! I may be sleeping with a man but I’m not totally married to gay issues! I’m not afraid to kill queer characters! Later, Whoniverse!”?  You know, I’ve seen that happen a few too many times to have the optimistic attitude that Ianto’s death was completely not politically motivated.

        After giving up on self-hating gay cinema, Torchwood gave me hope for a realistic portrayal of queer people in day to day life.  No, we don’t fight aliens, but we also don’t sit around and angst about queer issues all day.  We mostly go to work, come home, kick back, and occasionally sex up our gay, bisexual, lesbian or transgender partner.  Sometimes as firefighters and policepeople or in the military where we serve but aren’t officially welcome we’re even real life heroes.  Not in television or film or comic books.  If you’re unlucky enough to have homosexual sex, there, you’re doomed to misery.

        But then, as they say, “Who cares about the death of a gay super hero, anyway?”:

        Don’t even /pretend/ to tell me this isn’t part of a trend.

        1. sasha

          I am sorry, but as an out bi woman this smacks of serious gay angst.  Jack was in love.  It made no difference that he was in love with a man, and as ianto explained to his sister, he fell in love with a PERSON not a GENDER.  The death of somone as signifcant as ianto in Jacks life will be somthing that has an impact on him forever.  It would have been just the same if it had been a women who died in Jacks arms.  Him dying was a part of the storyline, a narative twist.  If you want to scream ‘homophobia’ at everything that ever happens to gay people in tv or film, it will become imposible to have any gay/bi/trans characters because of the way people like you respond.  The Jack/Ianto relationship was just that, a relationship.  The only reason it was any different to any other relationship was because Jack cannot die.  If you want to have a parade every time there is a gay relationship anywhere go ahead, but any prejudice you have experienced is an issue for you, and while I’m very sorry you have clearly been a victim of too much of this, do not read more into things in a tv drama than are there.  

          1. Damo

            I almost hit reply to say almost the same thing, glad I didnt and read your reply first.

            Spot on!



          2. Callie K

            I haven’t experienced any particularly intense prejudice as an out queer. I’ve been blessedly free of that, and my gay male friends have pretty much lived happy and well adjusted lives whether in our out of committed relationships. The problem is, we don’t have any gay/bi/trans characters in media, not because of how “people like us” respond but because of a deeply engrained media tradition of what’s an appropriate role for queers. We don’t get to watch any number of queer characters in a diverse catalog of roles: we get to watch the inoffensive queer, or the tragic soon-to-be-dead-or-heartbroken queer.  

            You can blame me for picking on Torchwood’s trite, cliché writing for following this trope in a series that came so close to being groundbreaking (especially after listening to months of interviews and articles promising the relationship would continue to develop and unfold and we’d ‘really like’ where it was going). However, I hardly see where it’s overreacting or angsting to point out that Ianto is, now, another dead, tragic queer in a media history of dead, tragic queers for which there are really very few alternative storylines.

          3. Ken

            Torchwood, in my opinion, is the best of the best.  Within the sci-fi genre Torchwood has mirrored many day-to-day issues that we all face in the 21st century.

            Just because Jack can not die, does not mean he doesn’t need, nor deserve love and devotion.  Ianto Jones was the perfect person to make Jack real to the viewers, not just an anomaly.  Ianto found himself drawn to Jack in ways that are beyond words and together they showed that, as ably said by Sasha, “love is with a person not a gender”.  That is something that the world needs to see and learn, whether they know it or not. 

            To the writers, producers, etc of Torchwood — please bring Ianto Jones back.  Jack needs him and so do the rest of us.

      2. Anonymous

        Queer?  Honestly if that’s the first thing that comes to your mind about Ianto than your NOT a fan of torchwood, and a little closed minded at that! ( trying to be kind)  The show has lost so musch over the past seasons that it was a puch to see King Ianto die.  Have hope they might bring him back…  Long live the KING!!!

        Now who will bring me my tea? 

    2. Lazlo

      Me too, i no longer want the DVDs. I am so upset with the BBC killing off Ianto Jones. I really hope that somehow he comes back to life.

    3. Anonymous

      I understand where you’re coming from with Ianto, yes he was a great character, and yes he will be missed on the show by everyone who watch it. The killing off of the character is in no way offensive. Russel T Davies was the one who created a gay character in Doctor Who – Captain Jack Harkness. He was also the one who created torchwood, which features or featured 2 gay leads. Killing off the character is offensive. why the hell would RTD want to offend his own community. He’s gay himself remember.

      1. Callie K

        And, oh, if only the standard in gay cinema wasn’t to have almost every movie have a really depressing ending.  Then I’d have a lot more movies to watch and wouldn’t have any compliants (not that there aren’t some fun queer films out there, in the minority, “Imagine Me And You” comes to mind). Believe me, the culture of self-loathing among gay artistes-with-an-e added more bodies to the “another dead queer” trope than any other group.  What I’m asking for Davies as in a man in a long term relationship and Barrowman as a man in a committed relationship is why do we have to continue watching this misery play out when this is not how people live and about as predictible as it comes?

        (Aside, of course, from gay artistes trying to prove they’re not too gay to have a career in the mainstream and aren’t held down by their queer notions, which RTD might have to tell me to my face isn’t going on with him for me to completely believe it.  Yeah, having seen that trend play out among gay writer/producers has me a little jaded.)

        I mean, looking at the actual episode Ianto’s death did nothing for the plot or the fight against the 456.  Jack told the government he had it, proceeded to show he was as ignorant as anybody else, provoked the enemy, got Ianto killed and then angsted about it.  The scene was tailored towards giving Jack even more woez and painz — not moving the series forward.  More or less, RTD killed off Ianto for the sake of killing off Ianto no matter what his motivations were.  “You know what this episode needs?  Random character death through written-in incompetence.  I love random character death!”

        1. Anonymous

          You’re an actual douche! seriously it’s people like you who provoke homophobia not stem it! Jesus I mean just because Ianto was gay doesn’t give him a free ticket – pass go and collect 200 gay points! get a grip seriously! Ianto was my favourite character but he was killed for plot development, not because he was gay.

          1. Callie K

            I’ll be happy to have it explained to me how Ianto’s death advanced the plot with the 456.  Fresh off the death of two other Torchwood members, I think we all remembered Torchwood can be a dangerous job.  If his death served any purpose other than to add extra emo and woe to Jack’s character (which he was already dripping with) I’d be very happy to listen to a counteragument.  I believe I’ve made detailed statements about why Ianto’s death contributes to an extremely negative canon of queer film and television, but if there’s anything that sets it apart from every other instance of the same I’d also be delighted to have my mind changed.

          2. Anonymous

            if you are a true fan then u would no that ianto isn’t even gay. It is just jack! so  stop moaning and no all the facts before u start shouting accusation about RTD killing of a gay character-who isn’t even gay!

          3. Callie K.

            While still patiently waiting for an explanation of how Ianto’s death advanced the plot or is outstanding from any other “another dead queer” story of angst, I do want to point out that “queer” consists of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender persons and characters.  Believe me or take a look around, yourself, but there’s not even close to enough of them in mainstream media for us to differentiate at this juncture when they’re all subject to the same cliche storylines and tropes.

          4. B K

            In my opinion, Ianto’s death on Torchwood was a good plot device. Because it’s obvious that the entire five-episode series was all leading up to concurrent events that cause Jack to leave earth – thus ending Torchwood Cardiff. Although you could argue otherwise, I think if Ianto had been there to help Jack through the killing of his grandson he might not have left and his grief wouldn’t have been so dire – or he might not have left so aruptly. It should also be considered that Ianto’s death caused Torchwood to ‘give up’, handing control over to the government: if Ianto had survived, they would have tried something else and still felt there was hope. After the dual deaths of two important people, Jack really seemed ‘dead’ inside, and maybe he wouldn’t have been able to make that tough decision to kill his grandson if Ianto had been there whispering in his ear. Also, Ianto’s death showed Jack that ‘standing up’ and ‘being the good guy’ can often result in tragedy, something Ianto pushed him to do.

            As for Ianto being killed because he had a relationship with a man, that’s not how I see it. The makers of Torchwood have been wanting to kill Ianto for awhile (remember Owen’s whole ‘walking in death’ storyline?’, it was originally going to be Ianto’s), also it might have been the decision of the actor, or maybe they are going to bring him back (I know RTD *LOVES* Gareth David-Lloyd)? Who knows. Personally, I don’t see tv in terms of ‘gay’ and ‘not gay’ couples, I just see couples. You’re allowed to your opinion, but it comes down to the fact that no one really knows for sure until someone irrefutable (like the actor or RTD) says so. I just know that I will miss Ianto, he was my favorite. RIP.

    4. Anonymous

      I support gay people like you wouldn’t believe, but that’s stupid. Just because he’s gay, he can’t be killed off? People like you aren’t gaining equality for gays, you’re just being prejudice. Gay people want totally equal rights, not special treatment.

  2. Anonymous

    I think that Ianto will most certainly not be dead. After several minutes panicking, I’ve done my research and after checking iMDB, It reveals that Gareth David-Lloyd is staring in the final episode. My hope is that they somehow bring back Ianto. If that isn’t the case, It means he appears as a dead body or in a flashback. But again, I’m hoping he’s back.

    1. Anonymous


      Prepare to be dissapointed…. I sure as hell am. Day five was the worst, i dont think RTD will have much fanbase support after this.

  3. Anonymous

    I’m through with Torchwood if they’ve killed off Ianto for good.

    I hate RTDs writing with a passion – and DW’s better off without him. If only he’d leave Torchwood as well.

    The above’s a FaceBook group in protest at Ianto’s death btw. 


    But oh I cried. A lot >_<

    First Tosh and Owen now this

    1. Anonymous

      I cried so much too, i’m not watching it if he really is dead ><

      I’m getting friends to confirm it while its on lol.
      Its not faaaiirr. He was my favorite character. He CAN’T be dead ):

  4. Ellen

    I really hope he does come back.  My mind keeps flashing to crazy things, like the “Ianto is a Timelord” theory, because Ianto Jones is like the Welsh version of John Smith, according to many (but if he was a timelord in human form, he’d still be dead without his Timelord powers, right?).  Then, as mentioned in prior comments, the kiss.  I’m hoping that Jack somehow transferred life energy to Ianto through his kiss… I mean, that’s what he did in episode 4 of season 1, right?  That was NOT the “breath of life”, that was a KISS.  There was no breathing going on.  And then… well, who knows?  Owen was brought back to life, Jack can’t die… Torchwood and the Whoiverse in general is kind of an anything goes zone.

    The thing is, it’s plausible that he would die.  I mean, yeah, there would only be two original members of Torchwood.  But Rhys takes on a huge role this season.  And there’s Lois (or however her name is spelled).  And Ianto has grown so much since season one.  He’s had a brilliant character arc, a lot of which happened during the last four episodes.  It’s very possible that the writers would kill off Ianto because his character didn’t need any more time to grow.  (However, I think he could have helped Jack’s character development more, but again… Jack has changed a lot since the last season.  Who knows?)

    If he’s dead (and not pulling a Jack Harkness), I will continue watching Torchwood.  But my heart will break with every second.  Ianto was my favorite character all the way through.  He helped me get through the pain of Tosh, my second favorite, dying along side Owen.  What would I do without him?

    1. Carrie

       really hope he does come back.  My mind keeps flashing to crazy things, like the “Ianto is a Timelord” theory, because Ianto Jones is like the Welsh version of John Smith, according to many (but if he was a timelord in human form, he’d still be dead without his Timelord powers, right?).


      Ah but Ianto does have a fixation on his stopwatch does he not 🙂  Maybe his Time Lord essense is in the stopwatch! Yes I to am a fan of the time lord theory! 

    2. Anonymous

      I am in agreement that Ianto needs to be returned to the show, I was thinking alternate universe Ianto what is the rift for if we cannot bring Ianto back.

  5. Rory

    I love Ianto Jones and am saddened by his death (yes he’s fictional I know).

    But ways in which to bring him back?


    Alot of people on every other board are stating that maybe the infected are in comas.

  6. Anonymous

    What the bloddy hell is wrong with RTD!?!?

    First it was Owen and Tosh, neither of whom were really developed to their full potential, and still their deaths hurt. Now it’s Ianto, who quite frankly is one of the best characters in the Whoniverse, and for what? A little more cheap tragedy right after what we had in the Series Two finale?

    Does RTD really hate the fans that much? Or is he just so in love with his preferred characters that he feels some compulsive need to kill off his less favourite ones?

    All I can say is that they just lost on Blu-Ray sale.

  7. Anonymous

    If memory serves Abadon drain jack of life then Gwen’s Kiss revived him i don’t remember Jack saving someone with a kiss of his own.

    1. Anonymous

      I think they proberbly mean in the cyberwomen episode where Ianto is knocked down by Lisa, then Jack kisses him and he wakes up.

  8. Anonymous

    Maybe it wasn’t a virus that kills, But one that make it look like they are dead but just in suspended animation.

  9. Anonymous

    Maybe it wasn’t a virus that kills, But one that make it look like they are dead but just in suspended animation.

  10. Anonymous

    I was in complete and utter shock when they did that. I can’t believe RTD would let them kill of a character that popular, he must know that most of the fan base is women who adore him.

    I’m not beliving he’s dead till the credit roll at the end of day five, RTD had better not have killled him or I think he’ll soon find he’s lost nearly half the fan base. Because to be blunt i like Gwen, but i don’t watch the show for her.

    I’m hoping that kiss will have revived him, but what about the virus in 1965? If it’s the same one as back then it’s possible that could be the answer. But i guess i’d have to really think if i’d watch anymore because i love Gareth and don’t think the show would be as good without him.

  11. Renee

    I knew this was going to happen. They pulled a Whedon on me. I can’t seem to like a fictional character without them being killed off. It always happens to my favorite! I hope his death isn’t for good… that they find a way to bring him back.

    1. Trish

      Oh, I knoow, that’s how I felt! It’s a total Whedon…

      But I think it’s worse than either when Wash died, or even Charlie on Lost. I loved neither as much.

      And you argue the reasons for killing him alday, and vow to not give RTD any cash if he’s dead. I’ve other reasons:

      Simply put, who wants to watch Torchwood with only Jack and Gwen. Gwen is the worst character on the show and Jack…well, this will be angst Jack, who doesn’t sound like he’ll be an interesting Jack!

      No new member could compair to Ianto’s charm and charisma!

  12. Josh

    I don’t doubt they could kill him, but I hope that this is somehow reversed. I am in love with Ianto and have been since day one. He was my favourite from the very first episode, and I nearly cried when they had the story arc about his cyber-woman, but then he fell for Jack and my heart went mental. I’ve loved the Ianto/Jack arc for the beauty of it.  Ianto’s the reason I could keep watching after Owen and Tosh, whom I also loved.  Owen was probably my second favourite with Tosh a close runner-up, but now that Ianto is gone, I don’t know if I can keep on.  I may, but my heart is hurting and I feel lost.  It’s like I lost a real person… I just feel so much pain.  I actually bloody cried!

  13. Anonymous

    I refuse to believe that they would kill off Ianto Jones solely for the purpose of motivating Torchwood. I mean, Ianto has been a big part of series 3, and in the development of on Jack Harkness. There are many theories, as well, going around that he is coming back, and I really hope they are right.

    If they decided to kill Ianto Jones for sure, then in all honesty, I have lost respect for the show, and will not really watch it. Killing one character is seeable; two is push it, but three, and all so close together is ridiculous. If this is how they want the show to go, then why watch it? Soon they’ll find a way to kill off Gwen, and every time a new character comes onto the show, they’ll find a way to kill that character as well. I mean, hell, with the way things seem to be going, they’ll even find a way to really kill off Jack Harkness. 

    Now, to be honest, I’m not trying to be a drama queen. It’s not only because Ianto was gay that I would stop watching the show, but for the blatant disregard to fans. People were devastated by the death of Owen and Tosh, and although death is ness Cary in a show to continue it, it is not needed every other flipping episode. This writing is despicable, and if they see these characters as throw-always to simply do as they please… well let’s just say people are growing tired of this act very fast.

    All I can say is, the death better be rectified in the last episode, of the fan base for this series will fall drastically.

      1. Anonymous

        You didn’t know? Dude, RTD got so annoyed at the fans during a convention that he let it slip that Ianto’s a Time Lord.

        How? He asked if anyone understood the significance of Ianto’s stopwatch and how that was the reason why he added it in the first place. Add two and two together and the mystery’s solved.

  14. Charlotte (:

    I can’t even watch day 5. ):
    I would probally cry all the way throuugh.
    I hopee they bring ianto backk.
    If they dont i wont be watching the show
    i cantt without my favourtie iantoo.

    PLEASE BRiNG HiM BACKKKKKK !!!!!!!!!¬!

  15. Anonymous

    i hate to be a buzz kill but GDL is touring with his band and had said in multiple interviews prior to the airing that he needed time away.  DO NOT BLAME RTD. just don’t forget if jack has his way he’ll be frozen with the rest so that could lead to a return ex. suzy.

  16. Torchwoodlover95

    Ianto just can’t die!! I can’t bare it! First Tosh and Owen, now this!!

    It just isn’t right… There HAS TO BE A WAY TO BRING HIM BAAAAAACCKK!!!! *crys*

  17. Beth

    NOOOOOOOO!!!!! I am a die-hard Torchwood fan- I have the boxsets, the books, i evn write my own QUIZZES on it I love so much!


    It’s so unfair, first Tosh, then Owen, now Ianto. My friend who i introduced to Torchwood just last year, is BAWLING at the thought of no more Ianto, and so is my other die-hard fan of a mate.

    RTD has just lost most of his fan base. First he kills us with Tosh and Owen, now Ianto. Why not Rhys? (No-one likes him), or that LOIS HABIBA (however you spell her name) because she is really getting on my nerves- WE KNOW WAT YOUR NAME IS ALREADY!!!!

    RIP Tea-Boy, you will be sadly missed.


    1. Anonymous

      Rhys is bloody awesome. Don’t you dare claim that no one likes him, cause alot of people bloody well do! Everyone knows Gwen constantly kicks the poor guy around regarding her job and he adjusted to it like any sensible bloke. He’s damn hilarious to boot as well!

      And Lois is not a bad character at all. Frankly, she reminds me of a less experienced Martha Jones, something RTD was aiming for anyways when her actress had to decline a part in the series. I kinda like her, but I refuse to invest my emotions on her if RTD continues killing off people left and right.

      Don’t go badmouthing characters when they don’t deserve that treatment.

      Now would you kindly shut your trap?

  18. Anonymous

    I am hoping that it turns out he’s not dead. I can understand the feelings of people saying that is it because he plays a gay character however i would hope that it isnt the reason. I think Ianto is a brilliant character and the chemistry with Jack has just really started to be a big part of the show and it seems stupid to stop that now.

    On another side i can see Lois becoming a new torchwood member for the next series lets just hope Ianto will be there.


  19. Anonymous

    I hope he cums back i was crying when he died


              Torchwood now a team of three Jack Gwen & Rhys

  20. Anonymous

    has anyone actually watched all series Iantos not gay and doesnt exactly belong to the “pink pound” Jacks his one off experiment and if anyone was watching Ianto actually states this to his sister that its about jack not the fact he a bloke.

    and this is from a str8 bloke who watches it for the story, Anyone remember Ianto’s half Cyberman Girlfriend and I get the feeling Ianto’s not dead if compare say tosh and owens death to Ianto’s it wasnt exactly gripping in the same way.

    The one missing subplot is which one of torchwood is gonna go rogue and turn supervillan.

    Guess day 5 will only tell, but shame martha jones or mickey didnt show up at the end to help save the day. for that matter the all time plot hole of if the world was really in that much danger wouldnt the doctor show up to save the day appears again. He would have been way better at laying guilt card on jack.

    Jacks obviously gonna be arround for the death of the doctor when that 14 year old matt whatever takes over from the doctor! which is probably about the same time I stop watching in protest of them making such a critically bad choice and choosing such a poor successor.

    Would have been great if the bomb had made jacks body regenerate as a big mass of skin known as the face of bo.

    1. Callie K

      There’s a number of posts with this mistake but yours is around the top, and I wanted to make a note that queer is a term that refers to people of any non-traditional orientation: gay, bisexual, lesbian and transgender.

    2. Anonymous

      I believe I remember quite clearly that Clement could smell the queer on Ianto—he even stated it aloud which caused Ianto to lash out angrily at the comment.

      Clement: Who’s the queer?

      Ianto: OI! This isn’t 1965.

      Clement: *to Gwen* I can smell it on him. (Or something like that, don’t know if that’s word for word)

  21. Anonymous

    If GDL left the show, then it isn’t RTDs fault, but God help me, I hope it’s just a coma.

    The 456 could just be using the “deaths” as a shock tactic?

    I didn’t realise how important Ianto was until he died in Jack’s arms.

    RIP Ianto.

  22. Anonymous

    Not Ianto :'( I actually cried for a ridiculous amount of time.

    But even if GDL is touring with his band, he could still be in the next series, because Eve Myles will be taking time off to have her baby, so they could all be having a break (?)

    I was kind of hoping the 456 could do their freaky ‘make you live forever’ thing that they did to the kids of 1965 to Ianto, so he and Jack would both live forever. Kind of unlikely I know, but living in hope…

  23. paul clark

    i love torchwood its great but they just killed off yet another amazing charecter am sick off losing good actors on tv shows come on bring ianto back its just stupid having him gone if he doesnt come back this will be the end of torchwood because they wil have to bring new characters into the show wich no one will care about ianto was on of my favourite characters in this truly brilliant show and i for one want to see him brought back to life. i have even heard roumors that there killing off rhys gwens husband at the end aswell and that just makes it worse yes jack cant die which is brilliant but they use that excuse to kill off everyone else. jack cant die but his show will if ianto is not brought back in to it. hopefully jack can find a away to go back in time to wen all this started and nip it in the bud that way we get ianto back and save our brilliant  show

  24. Kaelz

    Hey guys,

      I absolutely bawled my eyes out last night. This was incredibly heart breaking, and shocked me to the core. And I really hope that they find a way of bringing him back (prays). But to be honest, I think he will stay dead. Tosh & Owen did. I mean his death is really like a big plot device; Jack really starts to fall for someone, and then hes taking away from him. Creatively it works better if he’s dead, because otherwise the consequences this has on Jack, and also Gwen, will be kind of redunant.

    Also from what I saw on the clip of tonights episode, this might very well be the end of Torchwood.

    I really hope that I’m totally wrong and it will all be fixed in the final episode.

  25. zeynep akkus

    such a horrible, horrible day! i’m sitting without doing anything and waiting for the final episode of that bloody season 3! it’s gonna be a hot and long day! i’ve been waiting for the third season for over a year and was it only to witness that ianto would die?! i know lots of things have been going on as well but i’ve been in a deep shock since i watched that my favourite supporting character in the series died in jack’s arms, which would definitely be one of the best places to die. 🙂 torchwood is the best tv series i’ve watched recently and that “jack/ianto relationship” is/was the main reason why i watch(ed) torchwood.  and now i get the feeling that the best part of the series has been taken away.  i hope you guys are right. i hope they’ll do some trick, or magic or whatever you’d call to bring ianto back. because i would even dare to say that jack would not be 100 percent jack without ianto.

    zeynep (female, 41, istanbul turkey)



  26. Anonymous

    if you see when everyone is deying in the building you see the guy who had built the chamber he got in the orange suite and still died however in the next time you see him get hit in the face by a gun maybe they all come back alive and the 456 was showing what they could do! if they kill ianto i will not watch the next season of torchwood too many have gone and i loved the whole jack and ianto. we dont just watch torchwood for the whole fighting but also for the side stories!

  27. Josie

    It says something about the way we all think that the majority of the comments on Ianto’s death concern his sexuality not him as a person. Are we still so blinkered as a society that we see Ianto not as a person with feelings and an individual personality but ‘the gay one’ from Torchwood? Personally, I’m sad that we’ve lost a quirky, individual and likeable guy. Torchwood will not be the same without him. And that’s not just because he’s gay.

    1. Callie K

      Ianto is not a person.  Ianto is a fictional character on a television show that I quite enjoyed for two seasons.  However, his death is not the death of a person, it is a scripted event that was orchestrated by a writer and performed by actors and yet another consecutive queer death in a long line of queer deaths in media.

      1. Anonymous

        Oh would you cut the queer crap!

        Who cares if he was gay! He was an amazing character and an enormous contribution to the show. He just happen to fall in love with Jack. You’ve made your point. Move on.

  28. Anonymous

    I just finished watching the episode… and I am depressed. I mean, Ianto was a great character, probably because I see myself in him; the way he interacts with people, and is mostly about business, he was/is a great character. I’ve never related to a TV show before, and when I finally do, it’s taken away from me. I’ll move on eventually, but it is unfortunate (if this is permanent) that it had to happen to such a pivotal character (in my mind, anyway).


    Now, I’ve been doing some plot scheming: I’m hoping that someone comes and resurrects Ianto (like Rose did with Jack on Doctor Who) so that he and Jack can be together forever. This came to mind because I remember constantly hearing Ianto speak about him not being able to live as long as Jack, or Ianto just ending up as a blimp in time to Jack, or as Ianto put it: “in a thousand years you won’t remember me.” Hopefully… my girlish like glee for this character will resurrect him.

  29. zeynep akkus

    on second thoughts (this is my second message today), last night’s episode was also crucial to let us witness the real tragedy of jack harkness, as well. in the episodes of the earlier seasons,  we saw a box where jack keeps the photographs of his former lovers, correct me if i’m wrong, male and/or female. so ianto is not the first person he has loved deeply and lost tragically. it is so devastating for us to witness only ianto’s death. imagine the pain jack has suffered all these years because of all these losses. so, it is time to ask that same, old question again: who wants to live forever?

  30. Anonymous

    I’ll miss Ianto.

    Whoever this Callie is – complete lunatic.

    Without RTD, we wouldnt have a Ianto to miss.  Bloody brilliant Drama tho – i’m almost hoping they kill of Gwen and Rhys too, along with Jacks family, leaving him completely alone.  The they should end the show completely which as RTD has now fled the country and will not be writing or producing anything further Torchwood or DW related after the specials, is looking more and more likely…..

    Enjoy Day 5

  31. Rikki Smeltzer

    The death of Ianto is a big issue for Tourchwood, but it happens in real life all the time. A PERSON that comes in an makes things easier and shows understanding and deep love is always going to be missed when taken untimely from one’s self.  But I digress, uhh.. Ianto is not gay, they didn’t kill a homosexual, his BI-SEXUAL (His girlfriend from season 1 and he said he loves jack, not the man jack) So get over the issue, as a bisexual man I’m upset but life is life, art mimics life and vice-a-versa.  Plus I love the fact that no one has thought that the 456 could just be using a mind control. I mean look how they use the children (which is not to say that’s is all they can control) my other point on this mindcontrol death is, when the 456 told jack, “Now you will die.” Then he did, it could just be a thing that I’m reading into much, cause I don’t want Ianto dead, but aliens have used blood, DNA, and other ways of controling others through out the Tourchwood and DW series.  

    I say all of us should watch and see what happens on Day 5!!!! I’m excited and hopeful for it!!!!

  32. Anonymous

    I was actually bawling and crying after that episode,  he was my fave character and i am now actually grieving him and am begging they can do something to get him back pleeze, i mean i cried when tosh died but then this one broke my heart i think its awful!! sumone do sumthing!!!

    1. Anonymous

      I know what you mean – Tosh’s exit with her little farewell video made me cry so much, and Ianto! What’s happening to the world? =( I bloody hope they find a way to bring him back – I mean, can’t he go back and bring Ianto from the past into the present day? It could cause all sorts of wonderful storylines and give us our Ianto back! =D Good, no?

  33. lolly

    OMG i was bawling like a baby when he ‘died’, im soo hoping he comes back to life from that kiss or an anti-virus or something

    i think he will come back as in an interview when asked about a 4th series GDL said something along the lines of ‘ if this is recieved well and theres an audience for it, id love to be part of another series, definately’  

  34. Anonymous

    I was absolutely devestated when Ianto died 🙁 I hope they do find a way to bring him back- because not only have they killed-off such an adorable and loveable character, they’ve killed a really nice storyline too (the one between him and Jack) and yes I do love the whole show but series 4 may not be worth watching if we are down to two team members 🙁 and one of them not being Jack’s love interest.

  35. Anonymous

    Either way wether Ianto’s dead or not Jack eventually becomes the face of Bo theres no changing that. Unless he didnt which would un-do part of the doctors past which could be a great excuse to Let the 11th doctor have one series and then have it taken away for the 10th doctor to come back as his path would now be different. Now that could be a great story twist. Wont happen unfortunately.

  36. Chino

    ..Even its my first time to see this kind of sci-fi tv drama, i’ve already like it so much and im so hunger to see the next series of this.. but i would like to know if Ianto Jones is coming back alive again?..because i like his character. his funny, sensitive and very serious at the same plZ…plZ….bring him back on the set again.. 

  37. I♥janto



    In my dream cause you know frobisher and tht lot was watchin them on tht camera…

    that frobisher felt sorry 4 jack and shown him a new thing which if jack complied to the conditions they  could take some of jacks never dying blood inject into ianto (if same blood type duuh) and he’d wake up! PLEAE PLEASE OH PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN I ♥ U JANTO

  38. Louise

    I hope they bring him back!! They can’t just kill Ianto!! I cried sooo much when he was dying! Theres no way they can keep him dead! Well, they can but personally I don’t think I’ll be able to watch another series of Torchwood unless there’s a chance Ianto will be in it. It just wouldn’t be the same for me tbh, and i think it’s to much to kill of Tosh and Owen and then kill of Ianto as well. I hope they bring him back 🙁 even as a zombie or summat! I realy wouldn’t care!! So long as he’s back!!

  39. Cherrie

    i have a tip, i don’t kno how reliable, that this is sort of like the year that never happened. it might be some sort of paradox. fingers crossed otherwise there would b a metaphorical murdering.


  40. Anonymous

    Well, I was deeply sadened at the fact he died, I was a blubbering wreck. However, as Jack did mention – there is an anti virus that was never used on a dead person, so who knows.. there could be an miracle?

    Series four is going to be very bad without Ianto , if he doesn’t make it, he was an amazing coffee maker.

    Yeah, I’ve not tasted his coffee – yes, he is fictional – but He died on screen, and the relationship between two on screen characters makes you feel happy to see them happy.

    To be honest, if Lois replaces Ianto – I don’t think I’ll appreciate Series 4. However, you can’t just not watch Torchwood because one of your favourite characters has died. Yeah, it will be really.. uncomfortable to watch it without him, but you need to remeber that you may like Lois. I find her a little unbrave, but that’s an first opinion. I’m not really sure if she’ll be good or not, but I just don’t like the look of her.

    Ianto was an amazing character, cleverly potratied by Gareth. It’s a shame to see him go, as he was a bundle of laughs, fun and just plain great to see on TV.

    I’m not presuming he’s dead from websites, I’m going to wait till tommorow to get a full on look wether or not he is.


  41. Anonymous

    jack has to bring ianto back it just wont be the same with out him and they have lost nearly everyone ,

    And im sure is he loved him in the film there has to  be some wy they cant move on and forget about him also what about his family?


    i love him and i think they should find away to bring him back


  42. Anonymous

    jack has to bring ianto back it just wont be the same with out him and they have lost nearly everyone ,

    And im sure is he loved him in the film there has to  be some wy they cant move on and forget about him also what about his family?

    i love him and i think they should find away to bring him back


  43. Sandy

    I can’t look inside RTD’s head, but script writing technically it seems like they are setting up Ianto Jones to come back to life. Or maybe it’s just my mind desperately trying to come up with reasons why my favourite Torchwood character is not really dead.

    Anyways, if you want to kill off a main character in a television series, you do it in the closing minutes of the last episode of the series. As a writer you want to evoke a response from your audience and not a single piece of action can top the response you get when you kill a character – particularly one as popular as Ianto. So…if they wanted to kill Ianto off for good, why do it in the second to last episode and risk the finale washing away those raw emotions?

    Secondly, particularly in sci-fi series, main characters who are killed off go in a tragic, yet spectacular and often heroic way. Think of Owen and Tosh: their deaths were tragic, but they died to save the city (had they not done what they did, London would have been blown to pieces). Ianto’s death in Day 4, however, is only tragic. Being one of many innocent victims is not heroic and dying of an invisible airborne virus is not spectacular either. Why kill off a popular character in such a ‘lame’ fashion?

    Thirdly, when lovers say their goodbyes, it’s usually costum to have both parties say ‘I love you,’ particularly when they have not said it to each other before. Ianto told Jack he loved him, but Jack only replied with “don’t”.  Admittedly, that too is a textbook response, but normally it would then be followed by an “I love you” anyway. And Jack didn’t, so maybe the writers are postponing it for later in series 3? (For example for the moment Ianto comes back to life??)

    And lastly, the ending of episode 4. Jack and Gwen are still sitting next to Ianto’s body when the episode ends. Usually when a character is dead for good, we see the remaining characters organise a funeral or at least do other activities that can be classified as ‘daily activities’ to show that life has moved on. Now, Jack and Gwen were not seen walking away from the body and leaving Ianto behind. That leaves the possibility open that they will still be sitting there in tonight’s episode in order for them to see Ianto magically waking up again (or something of the sort).

    I’ve read some comments about Ianto being killed off to aid Jack’s character development. However, that would mean from now on we’d see a more or less broken Jack. If so, Jack’s development would parallel that of the Doctor. I know they are in a sense similar (both outliving their friends and loves), but wouldn’t it be odd to have them go through a depression at the same time for the same reasons? It’s always the fear of spin-off writers that their show will come to parallel the original, so if anything, they’d try to prevent such a parallel.

    But then again…I’m an (amateur) novelist, not a script writer as experienced as RTD. *inserts big sigh*

    1. I♥janto

      jack and doctor dont outlive eachother that might be what annoys the dr or the fact tht wen chris ecclestone (spelling???) played him jack kissed him…….

  44. Anonymous

    I met Gareth at the Torchsong convention last month. He’s charming and witty and very funny. I am pretty sure that he did not want to leave TW as he talked about how much he loves working on it.

    Since the series finished filming, I think he’s been all over trying to find work. He’s even been reduced to doing Panto somewhere in England (not a major city either). And he’s been doing about every convention that’ll have him. I hope people will see this episode and see what he’s capable of because he does deserve more work if not in the UK then here in the US.

    I don’t know if I would watch the next series (if there is one) just for the fact that I don’t want to get emotionally attached to any of the characters as they are all probably going to die anyway.

  45. emmybm

    i saw the episode childeren of earth day 4 and in the end i cried in the barthroom

    please Ianto dont be dead ,come back to life ,TW wont be the same with out the trio.

    please they must have an antidote for the gas that killed all of the people + Ianto.

    love a big Doctor Who and Torchwood and The Sarah Jane adventures fan

  46. Pianoman Phil

    Don’t you think the beginning of the discussion is a bit of topic! It doesn’t matter whether he was gay or not, what matters is that he is DEAD!

    I like the suggestion about the kiss bringing him back to life. And yes I think it can be done, as if you remember in the second episode of ‘the martha series’ of doctor who the doctor kisses Martha in order to transfer some genetic information. I don’t know if the same applies here but I certainly like the idea!

    PS I’ve heard that Clem is important in this last episode. Can any1 help me (if you have the DVD that would be great) (as some people already do) 

  47. lyknscribe

    I am normally not a fan of the easy fix. The poof we’ve undone everything wrong. but I despretly want this. It hurt looseing owen and tosh but I seriously will stop watching this show with out Ianto. I don’t understand the producers concept here.  They are killing off the focus of the show for alot of people the pull to this show is jack and ianto. This to me seems like show suicde – I will stop watching this with out gareth, PLEASE bring him back in day five

  48. Anonymous

    Its too sad! I had hoped for a surprise comeback on Ianto’s part – its too strange without him now.  After Tosh and Owen going, I thought the writers would leave the killing off for a bit!  I’m so annoyed at them for even thinking this up.  He was like the next main character – however special Gwen is meant to be. The only consolation was that Jack, at least, can’t die.  But they’ve turned him into a worthless character anyway.  And I love John Barrowman, so that hurts to see.  I’m very disappointed -_- miss Ianto already.  Episodes one to three were fine, but they have wrecked Torchwood for a lot of its fans. Well done them.

    Stupid people.  What a let-down of a third series.  I hope they don’t bother with a fourth.

  49. Lisa

    HE BETTER BE COMING f**KING BACK!!!, Watching Ep 5 i couldn;t be more angry at the resolution, unless the Doctor comes and goes back in time and all that, then there is now hope wat so ever for Torchwood’d future, without Jack’ love of his life ianto and Gwen having a baby, there is a slight obstacle 🙁 HOW HOW HOW!!!!! BRING BACK IANTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE JACKxIANTO

  50. Anonymous

    callie k youre just an idiot and to be fair if youre gay then you yourself are giving gays a bad name considering youve just basically judged a character been killed just by his supposedly gay sexuality eventhough the character himself said he isnt he fell in love with a person didnt regard the gender of that person. ill miss ianto and will think of him always as been more than you obviously jsut thinking he was killed off for been supposedly gay. as someone above said before long theyll just cut out any gay or lesbian people from programs in fear of annoying idiots like you who take offence i got news for you if they had a problem with gays they could easily discontinued jack but no they made him the main character, jack was more openly gay than ianto ever was.

    as for comment above suggesting they could all come back nope that guy didnt die in the orange suit as he was breathing when the scene changed he just rested up hence why everyone without a suit died and stayed dead]

    ill miss ianto but if martha and possibly mickey come int oseries 4 then ill be fine with it

  51. CeeFromThe USA

    I am from the US and I have to watch torchwood on the internet like most people in the USA have too. I am SOOOOOoooo sad and dissaponted that they killed off Ianto, not to mention that he is one of the few Gay characters out there on TV. I would be sooo sad and sooo hurt as a true Torchwood fan if they did not bring him BACK…..

  52. AussieTorch

    I loved this last episode and the death scene was fantastic. My boys (9 & 11)watched it with me and I loved that they finally got to understand that gay men love and feel the same as everyone else.

    At primary school the old verbal gay bashing is rife. “That’s so gay” etc. I hate it, it is blind prejudice but I find all the kids want to be the same as everyone else and the majority is hetro. They are terrified of standing out – whether it is for buck teeth, bad hair or the wrong clothes. I try to make my boys see people as individuals.

    Torchwood series three as a whole has really helped my boys see that it was a loving relationship, that gay people feel the same about love as hetro, that love in all its forms should be treasured and the fact that Jack, who tried so hard to protect himself from being close to people, was devastated at Ianto’s death worked as story line.

    I am secretly hoping that Ianto will return, except Louis does all the things Ianto used to do…so maybe se is his replacement?

    I can’t wait for part five.


  53. Emo.Geek

    I Swear To God, When Ianto Died, I Cried For About Half An Hour 🙁

    I Hope He Comes back To Life – Hes My Favourite Character! Well Minus Jack Who Just Like Kicks Ass! 🙂

    But Without Ianto – Torchwood Isnt Torchwood, Hes Always Been In Torchwood And He Is Cute 😀 Besides I Think Him And Jack Are Adorable!

    ….. 😀 I Hope GDL’s Band Are Playing In Newport Or Cardiff This Summer 😀 I Would So Wanna See Them Live For My Bday

  54. Anonymous

    I just can’t carry on watching a show where most of the core group of main characters are killed off.  Too many too often!  I love suspense, but I also like continuity and time to enjoy character development.  This is too much killing off and much too soon; it actually spoils my enjoyment of the show and I don’t want to keep on having this feeling of disappointment with each series.

    I love Torchwood, and the characters; and the character of ‘Ianto’ was a big part of it all.  I am so disappointed with the final episode of this series that I really don’t think I can go through it all again if there is a next series.

    Such a pity as the show had great characters, actors and potential.  Are the writers truly blind to what the public really want?  … or is it that they just don’t care?

  55. Belinda

    Honestly, I am as angry as anyone for them killing off Ianto, but people seriously needs to chill and just take a step back and breath before going off the handle about not watching the new season. Maybe there is some reason that we don’t know yet about why they killed off Ianto, maybe they have a plan to bring him back. Without even seeing what’s in store for the future, people are already making decisions. Yes Ianto’s death breaks my heart and I didn’t think something like this would happen so soon after Tosh and Owen died, but I am willing to stick by the show and see what they have got up their sleeves. I’ve learned a long time ago that appearances can be deceiving and the writers are not as stupid or cruel as we audiences like to think, and that there is a plan to all their madness. The writers of the US FOX drama 24 proved that with their new season, and I have faith that the writers of Torchwood can too. And as a TRUE fan, I will keep watching this show.

    And honestly, Ianto was not killed off because he is gay or queer, whoever thinks that is a complete idiot and seriously needs to get their heads checked.

  56. Anonymous

    Here’s my theory(well, theories…)

    1) Jack will find the Doctor and steal the Tartis and go back and save Ianto

    -I know it’s unlikely, but I still wish it were true 🙁

    2) Jack will come back to find Reese, Gwen, Lois(no idea how to spell it), and that guy Gwen is best mates with from the police(again, can’t remember his name..) have restablished Torchwood. They’ll adjust back to normal and then one day Ianto will come walking through the door carrying their morning coffees.

    -I would love if that happen. It would be freaking hilarious to have him walk in saying something like, “Do you still like you’re coffe with a little cream and sugar?”

    3) Ianto is indeed a Time Lord and when he died the fragment in his watch was reconnected with his body. A few days after he died he comes back, but has no idea who he is and looks different, which is why Jack and Gwen didn’t knwo he was alive.

    -Would hate if this happened. Garreth is the reason I love Ianto. It wouldn’t be the same 🙁


    I don’t care how, but I need Ianto back! 🙁

  57. Joe

    The only reason I became an obsessed fan of the show was because of the relationship between Jack and Ianto. I’ve come to love the drama and all of that, but those two characters and their interactions and their developing relationship were central to how I felt about the whole show. I felt like while Gwen gave Jack a heart, Ianto gave him someone sort of innocent in a way. Ianto was willing to accept the terrible thing Jack did in 1965, and had all along been devoted. He had a sort of childlike quality to him that brought a feeling of humanity and maybe purpose to the three characters left in Torchwood. In a way, he’s someone who both Gwen and Jack feel responsible for taking care of as they are stronger personalities, and it helps to bind the group together.

    With Ianto gone I’m not sure how the dynamic of the group would be. Even if Jack returns, which I’m assuming he will after an appearance on the Dr Who special, if it is just he and Gwen and whoever the new people are, it won’t be the same show.

    I hope that, in the Dr Who special or at some point after that, Ianto is brought back. Maybe he’s revived from the dead, maybe his spirit materializes out of the spirit world. Whatever way Russel T Davies writes it, it is devastating that he’s been killed off and he should be brought back on the show somehow.

  58. A Genna

    The character of Ianto Jones was beautifully writen as a person and wonderfully portrade by Garath. Now as fictional as all the Torchwood characters are if you are a fan of any programme and lead characters die on the whole you will feel the loss of that person and find yourself grieving (even for a second ) that they will no longer be in your regular viewing. We find out more about characters in TV/movies than we do most other people we know and see daily it is no wonder we find ourselves missing them when they are gone. The fact that it has upset us all so much is a credit to RTD and story writers to make such a great character and touching moments that make us know we will miss Ianto and Torchwood as a whole. It was never a sexuallity thing that had Ianto killed it was the story arc TW and DW mythology that defined (to my sadness) the outcome of Ianto’s fate. However I do feel it would have been more fitting if his death had appeared more meaningful.

    Remember RTD is no longer going to be writing DW so crossover with Torchwood would be difficult. It looks like this is him tying up lose ends and moveing Jack (aka the face of Boe) forward. I guess RTD needed to use something as a starting catalyst to take Jack to a place mentally, to make him leave earth and with Ianto around this would never have happened. Even killing your own grandchild for the greater good would be hard but if you had someone who loved you who known Jack would probably manage. RTD hinted on many occasions that Jack had lots of pain and darkness yet managed to carry on. He got Jack to do what the others couldn’t to save the world. Ianto dying made Jack want to leave even before the grandson dying or Jack wouldn’t have just given up as he did a testemony to his feeling towards Ianto as a soul not male or felmale and Ianto clearly stated the same ‘not men just him’. Iantos death was never due to sexuality.

    Well done to RTD and witers for writing so beautifully that we all couldn’t help fall in love with Ianto Jones, Jack , Tosh, Owen, (not so much Gwen for me) and Torchwood. I will miss all of them dearly. 

  59. Anna

    I was absolutley devetated that they killed off not oy one of the leading slash roles BUT ALSO MY FAVORITE CHARACTER :'( I haven’t stopped crying since and yes I know it’s pathetic but can’t help it. I was praying that they would bring him back but evidentally not 🙁 Bad times!

    What got me was the I love you…more sad than titanic in my opinion…

  60. Ryan

    This is the worst event ever in Torchwood.

    It was bad enough losing Tosh and Owen but now Ianto so soon. It was going to be tough enough getting use to it just being Jack, Gwen and Ianto but the thing is it still worked but without Ianto, personally I just think it is just not going to work without him. Don’t care how you bring it back just as long as he does as we need him back! Love Ianto, I mean I don’t think there is anyone else even knows how to work the darn coffee machine! 

  61. A Genna

    RIP Ianto Jones… you were the best…. i wish for you to return….. my eyes are still puffy….  xxx you’ll be missed

    why not Gwen….. it should have been Gwen…. she’s so annoying.

  62. Medb

    I can’t believe they killed Ianto, not only is he eye candy, he really turned into a deeper, cooler character with great one liners.

    I will be utterly disgusted if they don’t attempt to resurrect him in future Torchwood but I not holding my breathe (2010 is a hell of a long time).

    Also give over about the whole gay thing, Jack is fit, Ianto is fit, put them together and it’s magic. They really played off each other really well and made a very sexy pair.

  63. kaz

    Ianto was the best part of the show and if the writers & the BBC don’t get that they have completely misjudged the audience who watch Torchwood.  If you want people to keep watching resurrect Ianto & let him be the reason Jack comes back!

    I’ve read the rumors that the writers are trying to appeal to a wider audience by getting rid of the gay story line.  What a load of rubbish all they have to do is look at the ratings and they would see that most of us like Jack and Ianto as a couple it certainly made Jack’s character more appealing.

    If the writers think that having Gwen and Martha running Torchwood is a good story line I think we should let them know what a load of rubbish that is by not watching! 

  64. A Genna

    Why has everyone forgotten that Ianto was Bi he was all so in love with Lisa. Being Bisexual is not really ever talked about on TV and RTD brought this forward Finally! Yes as a couple Jack and Ianto’s relationship appears to be a gay one, but Jack has loved may woman and married, has a daughter and so on. So does Gay really apply? 

    This quote says it all about how difficult it is to be Bi . But what ever your veiw Gay/Bi RTD has brought it to the main stream of the media in TW and DW so Thank you. But still feel it was a pointless death and to sad for words

    “[Being bisexual is] the worst of any world because you don’t really belong anywhere, because you are never sure of yourself or those around you. You can’t trust in anyone, their motives or their intentions. And because of that, you have, in a world that likes its nice shiny labels, no true identity.”

    —Ianto in The Twilight Streets by Gary Russell (p.126),
    Torchwood literature further explores Ianto’s characterisation

  65. Hannah

    i will be watching torchwood again because lets face it, it is FAB! i am still grieveing from the death of ianto. i feel like i have lost a fmaily member, which sound sad, i know.

    i love Janto but at the very least he did have a spectacular death and he will be remembered.

    but i really do prey to the torchwood gods that he is resserected!


  66. I♥janto

    SADDEST ever deaths
    🙁 🙁
    Torchwood will b crap wivv only 2
    In my dream cause you know frobisher and tht lot was watchin them on tht camera…

    that frobisher felt sorry 4 jack and shown him a new thing which if jack complied to the conditions they could take some of jacks never dying blood DNA (or jack-NA) inject into ianto (if same blood type duuh) and he’d wake up! PLEAE PLEASE OH PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN I ♥ U JANTO

    okaaay… mayb ive already posted the dream bit b4 but srsy i love gareths acting

    by the way just so u people who hate gays or bis or omnis or whtevvs gareth is straight in real okay so just drop the gay / bi/omni crap.. ty! :@) :O)

  67. Toni

       I would just personally like to know what on earth RTD was thinking when he wrote EP 4; How could he just stamp all over the show like that. Ianto Jones was probably the best character (Next to Jack of Course) on the show, and RDT just had to go and kill him off! Why?

      I do truly hope that he will be back somehow; I have not heard anything about GDL leaving the show, so hopefully, maybe, just maybe, there will be a way to bring him back; because Torchwood just isn’t Torchwood without him.

       And dont you think that Jack has suffered enough?! I just hope that RDT can fix this mess that he has got himself into lately, otherwise there will be hell to pay from all Torchwood/DW fans around the globe.

      (And for everyone’s information, for those of you who call Ianto Gay; Its just Jack, no other men, Just Jack, he said so himself)

  68. yesim

    I am really upset and ı still can not believe it .Torchwood was the pride of BBC .It was big international success. I am Turkish myself and ı am an adult woman.I am not gay btw ( since it seems to be an issue bah ) yet ı started watching becouse of Janto .Becouse those two had great chemistry , they were really romantic and they were eye candy 🙂 Being a big x-files fan i fell in love with the consept though.I quickly became big fan of Barrowman ( since before Torchwood ı had no idea such guy existed on earth maybe ı should say ı became a fan of the Capt. ) and ı loved all team.They ( the original line up ) became my most fav. team in a short time and man did ı say TEAM!. Well friends there is no team now .How can they expect ” not ” a lil’ disturbence , resistance .Ianto’s death fell close.Yep it left me heartbroken.In romantic relationship with Jack or not ı would rather have him in .I truely wish they’d stop killing ” the team ” for dramatic effect but it is a bit too late now.isnt it ? I like Gareth , ı loved Ianto.I will be really happy if they resurrect him.Come on people Torchwood was not famous for being the smartest scifi show.Torchwood was character driven .Now 3/5 have been slashed… What next ?


  69. mellliisssaaa

    I don’t think Ianto is going to be gone for good. And even if he is, I’m still going to at least give the show a chance. Sure, I really loved Ianto and he was my absolute favourite character – but even though they killed him, doesn’t mean it makes the show terrible all of a sudden. I cried so much when Ianto died – but I tried hard to think of it in other ways. Such as, he is a fictional character ect. But still, I am really upset that he was killed. I do hope they bring him back, that would make me very happy and I can only wait in hope. I’m giving Torchwood a chance, though.

  70. Anonymous

    I’m not happy that he’s dead, yet it kind of suitted how it was protrayed. The loss of a fellow work mate/ friend/ lover.

  71. Lee

    This is the end of Totchwood as far as I am concerned. Ianto was my favourte character and I have no intention of watching any further seasons without him. I have cancelled my order for the dvd. I don’t understand why they couldn’t have gotten rid of the pointless Gwen character if they felt someone had to die. If I had to sit through another minute of her and those crazy pop eyes I would throw something heavy at the tv.

  72. Anonymous

    I think that Ianto represented Jack’s humanity and for Jack’s actions to make sense in episode 5, Jack would have to be in a very unstable state of mind to suddenly change from ‘an injury to one is an injury to all’ to the exact opposite. It also gives Captain Jack a reason to leave Torchwood if Barrowman so wishes (he has nothing to stay for) which I sincerely hope he doesn’t. Although I am understanding a bit more about WHY Ianto was killed, I really really really want him to be revived. Bring on the anti-virus!!

  73. Guada

    It was me or did anyone else got the feeling that it wasn´t Torchwood what we were watching. I mean, it was good the first two eps, the third one mmmmhhh, and then it all went to hell. I´ve got the feeling that I was watching a sci fi story that could have been with anyone and cause Russel T was on the wheel, he decided to highjack Torchwood to fill the gaps. It didn´t have anything in common with the first two series, the only thing that was there was the characters, and boy, did they felt off. I mean, Jack was never that stupid. He was cocky, sure, arrogante, you name it, but stupid? In the first season of Dr Who he had a laser gun in his bum for any emergency, so you tell me that he never ever stash any other weapon in case something happen to the Hub? Or that after he dealt with the 456 in ´65 – knowing what they were capable of doing – , he would take Ianto there without at least a plan B in case the blood hit the water? C´mon.

    I feel cheated about the whole thing. There were major plot holes all over the place -why blow up the last line of defense against aliens? why not just contain them? why wasn´t the queen, who is the one in charge of paying Torchwood informed? why Torchwood, who was supposedly so big only have Martha as a contact with UNIT? why Martha wasn´t called in time of crisis? where the hell was the Dr?- not to mention that major one, Ianto´s death, which didn´t serve to anything story wise except to be fridged so Jack could feel the heat – or to make Russel T reapeat himself, nobody is safe in Torchwood. Like Owen and Tosh´s deaths weren´t only four episodes ago.

    I´ll probably watched season 4, just to see what the hell are they gonna try to pull. But if it´s just the Jack and Gwen Show I´m gone. Hopefully they´ll bring Ianto back – it´s sci fi, c´mon, Rhys got a reset button, why not Ianto? – and then everything will be allright with the TV world again.

    1. Wenxin (China)

      Yes Guada I felt the similar problems about the plot when I watched it. Somehow Jack was not that man from 51st century, but a normal man in that particular time and space (er…apologies for my poor English. I mean…he was like, so average.) & yes he is never that stupid! I wonder about Martha and Doc and UNIT and the addicted alien (I still don’t understand why the species threaten the world by killing ppl in that govern building? & many things lack plausible scientific explanation. It does look like BBC wanna push the whole story. *whisper*but I did weep when Ianto dies…stupid, huh? Owen and Toshiko died much more ‘fully’ than Ianto.)…

      I prob won’t watch TW any more. I never like Gwen, and Jack isn’t that Jack I know in Torchwood without Ianto.

  74. Laurent

    At the very moment Ianto died, I was hoping (praying) to see Doctor Who appeared and saving him back in time. I was so sad seeing him die, I would have prefered Gwen to die, but not my lovely Ianto. Anyway, now I hope (still praying) for a season 4 with Jack in space looking for Doctor Who and asking him to save Ianto. I want it badly to come back…

  75. Anonymous

    I really hope Ianto is not definitly dead.

    In the future Torchwood can control the rift and no one knows where Jack is now, maybe in the Future or in the past and maybe Ianto and Jack will come back together in Series 4.

    i dont want whatching torchwood if gareth david lloyd don`t be back in season 4.


  76. Kelly

    One of the best things about Torchwood and this latest incarnation was the relationship between Jack and Ianto. Ianto dies for…what? Emotional manipulation? It certainly doesn’t further the plot along. Why oh why can’t we have a nice, even pseudo-happy m/m relationship without it turning into another bloody Brokeback Mountain?  I see absolutely no reason for killing Ianto. After that happened my interest in ‘what comes next’ waned drastically. Ianto and Jack were so happy – even Ianto said it wasn’t “men” – just “Jack”. Lovely. Poignant. And I think he and Jack could have been brilliantly happy adventuring together for years to come. I’m hoping the writers with bring Ianto back and that the Kiss from Jack can bring him back. This is one viewer who won’t watch without Ianto and Jack together again.

  77. Anonymous

    I don’t care about his relationship and the fact that he wasn’t gay just with Jack I don’t care why the did it. It is not developing the plot for me! I LOVED IANTO!!!! I watched the show for him I read fanfictions about him I cut his picture off of June and glued him over Gwen in october because it was MY birthday month. I loved him. I don’t want him to leave. I am sobbing my eyes out and biteing a towel. I can’t beleive it. I live in America I haven’t even see it but I saw the stupid clip of him shooting the stupid glass with the stupid poison and I was just, NO!


    I refuse to accept this. He better come back or I am just going to stop watching it. I WANT MY IANTO!!!. I don’t give a crap if I am acting childish I am allowed to I am 17 I am allowed to be Childish and I am going to be I am going to scream and shout and swear and complain because it isn’t fair that Ianto dies!!! It could have been Gween or reese there would be dramatic plot whatever. I wnat MY IANTO!!!! I NEED MY IANTO I HAVE BEEN WAITING A YEAR FOR THESE STUPID 5 EPISODE AND NOW THEY RUINED IT BY KILLING THE ONE PERSON i WAS WAATCHING IT FOR!!!!! i MEAN WHY WHY WHY?!?!?!?!?!!!!!








    rawr I need that rant. It isn’t fair. Ianto was the best one ever I loved him. Now I won’t get to see him ever again.

  78. Emi

    If you watched the staff interviews afterwards, the actress that plays Gwen says that it’s unpredictable who will be killed on Torchwood next and that the guy is a great actor and she wishes him luck in the future, etc. Which says that he most likely will not be back, taking that as a goodbye.

    1. Anonymous

      A big US fan here and from all I’m reading and hearing, Ianto won’t be coming back.  God I hope this in not true!!!  This fan will not be watching a TW without Ianto.  After Tosh and Owen this was a little too much.  Ianto was my favorite character and Gareth really proved he can act in TW3 Children of Earth.  Outstanding job!!  He really needs to have the opportunities to show that talent!!!  I hope the BBC bosses realize this and bring him back to TW.


  79. Anonymous

    Actually, Ianto’s death does forward the plot.  If Ianto doesn’t die, than Jack never gets to the point of killing his own grandson.  Seriously, if Ianto had been alive, he never would’ve let Jack do it, he would’ve encouraged straight up revolution/war, and there wasn’t enough time for that in 5 episodes.  Basically, Ianto died so the fifth episode could elevate the despair of the situation.  They killed the heart of the team, so Jack gets all defeatist and decides that he has to make the sacrifice.  That’s how Ianto’s death was actually good story telling.


    Don’t get me wrong, I though, I totally understand and share the frustration at the lack of gay characters in sci-fi/action adventure.  But to be fair, there isn’t a whole lot of sci-fi in the first place, and a lot of characters die in sci-fi in the second place, including those in straight couples.  It is really frustrating because Ianto/Jack is the only openly male gay relationship in sci-fi/action adventure television I can think of (the rest are female gay relationships), but it did serve a story telling purpose, and again, the problem with sci-fi (especially british sci fi it seems to me) is that characters tend to die.


    And no, you really can’t kill Gwen or Rhys, it kind of ruins the structure of the show, because there is this whole theme that Gwen is Jack’s connection to the real world of Earth and Rhys is what keeps Gwen tethered to that world she connects Jack to.  Ianto was the heart.  So, right now the heart of the show has been broken…but I think that was kind of the point.  I’m curious what they decide to do with that..hopefully it will involve bringing Ianto back!  I hope so.


    But, although it is a politically unfortuante move for story telling purposes, I do believe Ianto’s death was done for story telling purposes.  RTD IS the guy wrote queer as folk, afterall.

    1. Anonymous

      Never known anything to live without a heart.  Just can not imagine a Torchwood without Ianto Jones.  Sadly, we here in the US will probably never get to see Gareth David Lloyd in anything.  He really surprised me with his acting in TW Children of Earth.  He is the real reason everyone was so taken with Ianto Jones.  He created him with his remarkable acting ability.  I hope he gets a chance to really shine and we see again on some production brought to us on BBC America.  The only thing they tend to show here is Gordon Ramsey-I think thats his name-the very foul mouthed obnoxious cook.

  80. Wenxin (China)

    Somehow I thought of the Time Lord theory on my own after crying like hell for an hour, just a bit crazier than what you guys talked about, cuz maybe Ianto is……

    the human Master! What if……

    The Master managed to regenerate after the Doctor’s notice & just before the paradox machine was destroyed (DW season 3 finale)? [I know it’s hard but he is a Time Lord, and a clever & treacherous one!] Then the regenerated Master also travelled to one year before when everything was fine and shiny. But he is completely destroyed (the Doctor’s “I forgive you”…). In a insufferable grief he did what the Doctor had done in Season 3 epi The Human Doctor- the Master became a human (with the DNA transformer he stole from Tardis earlier…)! & of course he had no control over what he looked like when he regenerated. Then the transformer made up the human Master’s story in Torchwood One London and Torchwood Three Cardiff……We know Ianto does have a stopwatch! 


    I know it’s implausible on tele…Ianto is def dead. But the idea entertains a bit and lightens me up.


    My heart trenched for Tosh and Owen so many times; I cried like hell when Ianto died in Jack’s arms (ye it’s a bit too predictable, like Callie said, but it’s not cheap. You may not call dying of an alien virus a proper death, but Ianto’s bravery(we cannot forget he is, after all, just a mortal human.) and his love, are far too great.); yet I don’t quite get it when RTD said that “It will be unrealistic if Tochwood members always save the world and walk away unscathed”, cuz what I see unrealistic is that Gwen, doing near to nothing or messing around Torchwood or complaining about Torchwood impairing his relationship with Rhys, always walk away unscathed while others suffering or dying.

  81. Wenxin (China)

    Yes Guada I felt the similar problems about the plot when I watched it. Somehow Jack was not that man from 51st century, but a normal man in that particular time and space (er…apologies for my poor English. I mean…he was like, so average.) & yes he is never that stupid! I wonder about Martha and Doc and UNIT and the addicted alien (I still don’t understand why the species threaten the world by killing ppl in that govern building? & many things lack plausible scientific explanation. It does look like BBC wanna push the whole story. *whisper*but I did weep when Ianto dies…stupid, huh? Owen and Toshiko died much more ‘fully’ than Ianto.)…

    I prob won’t watch TW any more. I never like Gwen, and Jack isn’t that Jack I know in Torchwood without Ianto.

  82. Amulet Dragon

    I watched the mini-series not too long ago (late July, finished early August). Torchwood really has come a long way in terms of development since first being released. Each of the characters really nailed their roles, dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s. What is really impressive is that they managed to take accomplish what a 12-episode series would just by cramming everything into five of the episodes. Of the new season, my favorite character had to be Lois Habiba. I hope she becomes a permanent addition to the team in the fourth series.

    But what I can’t understand is why everyone is making such a big deal about a character death. For one, I’ll point out the obvious. Remember, this is a television show, and only that. There’s no need to get that worked up over a fictitious persona. Second, by no means was this the saddest death to occur in the series. It did bring a few tears to my eyes, but it was nothing compared to that of Lisa Hallett (Cyberwoman), or that of Toshiko Sato (Exit Wounds). Third, what really has me confused is how these “so called” fans of Torchwood are making such a big deal over him. If we flash back to many of the older episodes, we remember that there were plenty of occasions in which Ianto <i>Ianto</i> barely made any appearances. It’s not like he heavily participated at that point. Why, I can remember my first glimpse of the character. It was before I even knew a spinoff called Torchwood existed. During the series 4 episode of Doctor Who, The Stolen Earth, I remember seeing his character, alongside Gwen Cooper. I took an immediate liking to her, but simply could not reciprocate the same sort of feeling for him. There just wasn’t anything there. Some point afterwards, I started watching Torchwood and discovered the same thing. Ianto Jones was just there, a seat warmer, someone taking up valuable space. I didn’t really understand the role. In fact, let’s examine what exactly it is everyone brought to the team.

    Captain Jack Harkness, the sole reason for the existence of Torchwood 3, not to mention the spinoff series. Ah yes, the leader of the group, only he’s more than just that. He’s the man who cannot die, but his immortality does not extend to those around him. He’s forced to make the tough decisions no person should ever be faced with, often acting in an amoral fashion if it means saving the world around him. I must say, it’s very easy to see the difficulty involved and emotion conveyed from this role. Normally, it’s easy to sit back and watch these kinds of characters because something always comes in to keep them from having to do so in the first place, but not him. But I attribute John Barrowman’s fine acting skills to this more so than any other factor involved.

    Police Constable Gwen Cooper, co-starring opposite next to the dear captain. Besides being your average day individual, being polar opposite to the man in charge is what brings such magic to this character. We know her as the newb, the one who still has connections to the rest of the world. If you look closely, you’ll see everybody else’s loved ones have already passed on, which is why they are so committed to their jobs, but not Gwen. She and her live-in boyfriend, Rhys, make her the most normal of any of them. Gwen also seems to have a touch of what most of the others have already lost: a touch of humanity. In that bunch, well, that trait is bound to cause some conflicts among them. What is really touching about Gwen, played by Eve Myles, is that she is such a sweet girl. She often bumps heads with her co-workers because of how she believes things should be handled, and certainly causes some waves. I also enjoy her visible progression of the character as the story continues to move on. She starts to become a little colder to the rest of the world, as well as gradually losing the loving relationship she has with her boyfriend. I think one of the best parts was Captain Jack teaching her how to use the gun, mainly because you’d think a police women would have used a gun before. But it’s not like this is the first time we’ve seen Eve Myles in action. I really enjoyed her performance as Gwyneth on the series 1 episode The Unquiet Dead. To put things simply, she was just an amazing actress, no doubt about that. As Russell T. Davies said, she was Wales best kept secret. Fooey to the rest of you who don’t like Gwen, but she’s still one of my favorite characters.

    Owen Harper, as we all know, was the medical doctor of the group who routinely participated in the necessary field work. While I’ll admit that I wasn’t particularly fond of this character in the beginning, he really had some significant evolution that made him more of a likable character. He wasn’t exactly one-sided, though he was kind of a typical character. He probably had the biggest personality of all of the characters, but it was only through his death, rebirth, and subsequent death that we really got to see what made this character tick. I, for one, was sad to see him go.

    Toshiko Sato, who was the quiet genius of the group, and probably the most under utilized characters of the series. She did all of the technical stuff, and like most in her position, there was an emotional barrier between her and the rest of the world. Her loneliness did manage to reach the viewers, especially during the episode Greeks Bearing Gifts. Despite her feelings, she managed to overcome them and continue to dedicate her 100% to working for Torchwood. Naoko Mori managed to do an excellent job portraying the character. Her final moments alive were so awful, but then so was the way she died. If you want to talk about emotional, that was the highlight of all Torchwood moments. Her low-key crush on Owen Harper was well managed too, if I do say so myself. Instead of being the typical geek who fawns over and secretly admires somebody, she kept most of the feelings to herself, breaking an established stereotype.

    Last but not least, we reach Ianto Jones. I think he was, what, the researcher of the group, maybe? Almost every time we saw him, which were scant appearances throughout the first season, he just stood there. It was only during the episode Cyberwoman his character actually showed any kind of emotion, but by the end of that, we’re just sort of left with same old Ianto.

    I swear, half the people that are actually blogging on here, or the rest of the internet who started a “coffee campaign” to get the character reinstated were only “taken aback” is because he represented something to the LGBT community, not for the actual character. This is further supported by the fact several of the comments posted referred to the character’s sexuality, and not him as a person. Speaking of that, queer is a very offensive term. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I live right in the United States, and would not think of using such an outdated term. Please, find something a little nicer to refer to this person as, even if it’s just by their own name. As per the character, I cannot see what is not there. To call him the “best character” or say “his death was the saddest scene” really detracts from the rest of the work everybody else (the rest of the actors) put in since the very first series. As stated before, Toshiko Sato gave the best performance in terms of “the saddest death” out of everyone in the season.

    To bring the character back after all of that work would be shameful, if you look at it from an unbiased point of view. His death was not meaningless, or meant to kill the character off for no good reason. Mentioned a couple of times in here, it was to further along the plot. This is what I really enjoy. Save for Captain Jack Harkness (CJH), not a soul on the show has contractual immortality, and that’s a refreshing change of pace. People die in real life every day. There are plenty of shows out there who maintain the same cast of characters that manage to dodge and cheat death season after season, no matter how dire the consequences. Three characters have been killed off thus far, and I think it fantastic. Honestly, which one of you can say they want to see the same situation over and over? If a character can get hurt but never die, how can anyone take anything on the show seriously, knowing nothing is going to happen at the end of the day, and that the only time something shocking could happen is if their contract (in real life) comes to an end? That’s certainly not the kind of program I want to watch.

    Let’s also take a look at Russell T. Davies (RTD) as a writer. He’s done work in plenty of programs, and you should be kissing the ground he walks on for pioneering the revival of Doctor Who from the dead and giving Torchwood an actual existence in the first place. RTD is also known for being somewhat of a renegade, but in a good way. He’s not going to produce the same story over and over and play it safe. He’s going to make bold, fresh moves, some that may even be considered risky. That’s the kind of writer he is, and that’s how we all should respect him in the first place. Tell me, what kind of writer would he be if he gave into certain fandom requests and wrote a character that clearly died back into the show? Do you honestly think he’s going to jeopardize his career in doing something like that? I don’t think he’d alienate a core of his audience who truly believes in the mechanics of the show. And if he buckles under pressure from you so called fans now, what’s to say you won’t try to push your way if something you don’t like happens in the future? That’s not the kind of person who should be in charge of anything. And please tell me, because I am really confounded, but how, or why, for that matter would RTD kill off a gay character for political reason or prejudice when he himself is a gay, not to mention openly out, individual? I’ve been trying to wrap my head around that one, and I still can’t arrive at a solution.

    I noticed some comments about how some people who posted did not plan to tune in for the fourth series. Personally, I don’t think anyone’s going to be too hurt by that. For those loyal fans out there like me, I’ll watch no matter who’s being featured in the show. Instead of dwelling in the past, why not look towards a bright and happy future? The show has so much potential to go off of. I’m wondering what the aftermath of the 456 invasion is going to look like, how the government will explain to all of the people their actions after recordings are released by Bridget Spears. I also want to know who’s going to replace the three fallen members of Torchwood. I’m hoping Lois Habiba is a shoe in after all of the work she invested in her performance. Andy’s another potential candidate. In my opinion, he really earned his stripes when he took off his jacket, and ran in to fight the soldiers of the military. Anything can happen, and that’s what I’m looking forward to. By the way, the scene with the kids being snatched away in the final episode at the beginning, and when Gwen, Rhys, the children and relatives were all fleeing was emotionally epic, and it brought tears to my eyes.

    On a final note, I’d like to tell those who tried to speak on behalf of all Doctor Who and Torchwood fans, please don’t insert any words into our mouths. You may sit in a miserable funk and not watch any more, but don’t say that none of us are going to enjoy the series because that’s not going to happen. And no, neither of the series has gone down the toilet. They’re just getting ready to get started. For anyone who wishes to discuss, feel free to send an e-mail to

  83. cutewithcoffee

    OMG i was sad when RTD killed off tosh and owen BUT TO KILL OFF IANTO is so stupid but luckily WE HAVE THE INTER NET :D:):D:):D:)



    and somwhere we r in da paper now i don’t no about any 1 else but russels response to angry fns got me mad aswell as the death






    (he thinks we watched cause john and gareth r cute :I

  84. Anonymous

    I’m gonna miss Ianto, the adorable coffee boy.
    But first- Jack is not gay. He’d probably flirt with the wall if he got desperate. (and who’s to say he hasn’t?! LOL!)
    He has a crush on Gwen, a crush on Martha Jones, a crush on Rose Tyler, a crush on the Doctor, a former romantic relationship with Ianto Jones, and an OMIGOD kiss with the REAL Captain Jack Harkness. He was also “partners” with John Hart. He even flirted with ROBOTS before! And a blue alien in “Dr. Who?”.
    Yes, he is queer by definition for his sexual orientation is described by many as “omnisexual”.
    Ianto seemed to be mostly heterosexual in the beginning- I think he’s bi but just doesn’t care to label it. Do you guys REMEMBER the episode “Cyberwoman” in season one? The deep, passionate, illogical love he had for Lisa Hallet?
    I think the only thing that really makes him “queer” is his complete sexual attraction and devotion to Jack.
    RTD did not kill him off just to make us cross? Because he’s “homophobic”? He’s gay! John Barrowman is gay!
    I was *totally* using profane language at the television after that episode, but we need to get over it.
    Owen died. Tosh died. Suzie died. Ianto died. It’s what *happens* when you shoot aliens for a living. It’s also a drama. Bad things happen, but we can’t all be petulant and b**chy about it!
    And MAYBE, just MAYBE Jack will recruit some really cool new team members… *becomes excited*

    1. Callie K.

      It’s possible you’re not familiar with the current definition of “queer” in the GBLTQ community.  It covers almost all forms of non-traditional sexuality, that’s why it’s called the “Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, Transgender and Queer” community.  Queer is a catchall for any form of non-traditional sexuality.  And, yes, pansexuality and bisexuality are not heteronormative.

      Have you watched any queer cinema?  Queers are the worst about the dead tragic queer character.  That doesn’t make it less of a depressing trend in media.

  85. krissy

    Yes, it sucks. Yes, it was a hell of a story line. Yes, I will miss him. I, for one, will be watching to see how Jack becomes more human from this. we all wanted the “sex, sex, sex” in the beginning… now lets see where this goes without the distraction. read Iantos goodbye here:

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