Transformers 3 to be a 3D movie?

Hot on the heels of that Avatar news, the other big development in cinema at the moment is the move toward 3D in a number of big upcoming movies.

Notably, Warner Bros. are throwing 3D at a number of forthcoming movies. The long-awaited sequel to Cats and Dogs will be in 3D, as will the epic Clash Of The Titans remake, and the first part of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. And you can bet if Part I of that movie is going to be in 3D, then Part II will most likely follow suit.

We’d heard some time back that the studios were interested in 3D technology because it made it difficult for pirates to copy and distribute via the internet. Add to that the phenomenal box office takings of Avatar (currently upwards of $2billion), and you can see why 3D has studio execs salivating.

This moves us neatly on to the topic at hand – the possibility of the thrid Transformers movie being made in 3D. Why is this newsworthy? Well, as /Film tells us:

Bay has been vocally against the growing popularity of 3D, at last year’s theatrical exhibitors ShoWest convention making the very popular statement that “I think it might be a gimmick.”

He added that he didn’t know for sure, and that he was “looking forward to [James] Cameron’s picture.” But even if he was impressed with how Cameron employed the technology, Bay explained that 3D is too fragile for his explosive-level of filmmaking.

Bay has claimed that his style of shooting is too aggressive for 3D “The way I shoot is too aggressive for 3D cameras. “It’s a time consuming thing. Who knows? It might be a fad. I’m kinda old school. I’m old school because I like to shoot on film. I like anamorphic lenses, and that is old school.”

I suppose the big question now is – do you think the trend toward 3D in movies is a passing fad, or will it transform (geddit?) the film industry? Does 3D enhance a movie for you or does it get in the way of the story?

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