Travie McCoy feat Bruno Mars – Billionaire – Single Review

Looks like Gym Class Heroes frontman Travis McCoy is taking a trip into solo album territory. Oh, and he’s now insisting on being called Travie. It would make sense if it was shorter than Travis, but it’s not. Ho-hum.

So, MyCoy’s teamed up with Bruno Mars for this lead single, Billionaire, which at first seems to be a typical wannabe anthem. But laced through the lyrics are some noble philanthropic gestures, such as giving away Mercedes and visiting Katrina victims. McCoy manages to balance the self-satisfying “buy everything I ever wanted” with the various good things money can do. I like that message, I really do.

McCoy’s a goofy guy. He’s got the offbeat dress sense, is covered in tattoos and has ill-advised sideburns. Seriously. But he’s got these puppy dog eyes, and I’m guessing girls fall over themselves to be around him. Who needs Cupid’s Arrow, eh? He delivers a smooth, reggae-tinged summer track right here, and the guest vocals from Bruno Mars compliment McCoy’s rapping beautifully.

It’s a great track, makes me want to go hang out down at the beach! I just had to rave about it to you guys. Highly recommended.

Billionaire is the lead single from Travie McCoy’s debut solo album, Lazarus.

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