Travie McCoy talks about his Cheryl Cole collaboration

That guy from that Gym Class band who used to get it on with Russell Brand’s wife…oh, yeah, Travie McCoy. Well, he’s been talking to the press about his collaboration with Cheryl Cole for her new album, Messy Little Raindrops.

The track’s called Yeah Yeah, and it’s slated to become one of the next singles Cheryl releases.

McCoy admitted that his part in the single was done long-distance because of both his and Cole’s hectic work schedules. In fact, the pair have never actually met. MyCoy says:

It was one of those email situations. We are both so busy, so it was too tough for me to get over there and record it in the flesh.

But it’s cool. I do the second verse. I rap/sing. It’s definitely a more dancey track, it’ll be in the clubs and have a f**king assload of remixes.

Apparently, he’s hoping to meet Cole for the first time when he’s over in the UK on a promotional tour. Wonderful. I know it happens a lot in music, but does anyone else think there’s something a tad sterile about collaborations where the two artists involved don’t even know each other?

OddOne talks a lot about that ‘dialed in’ feeling when Flo Rida or Pitbull do a rap for a record and it’s clear that they don’t know who the hell they’re talking about?

In related news, Travie took a pot shot at [[The X Factor 2010|The X Factor]], dredging up that old karaoke comparison:

Not to discredit these shows, it’s cool to see what people are capable of, but it’s just people singing other people’s songs. It becomes like karaoke. It’s a little hokey for me.

Travie’s currently working to promote his latest single We’ll Be Alright, which we were less than impressed with. (It’s just not a patch on Billionaire.)

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