Travie McCoy’s new video – We’ll Be Alright – Single review

Well, this is embarrassing. After a triumphant first single in Billionaire, Travie McCoy intends to confuse us all by releasing two different new singles. In the US, fans will soon have Need You, but in the UK we’re being subjected to We’ll Be Alright.

We’ll Be Alright is a not-quite cover version that borrows the main hook from the classic Supergrass song, Alright. The thing is, McCoy’s version totally lacks the sense of fun and energy that the original was overflowing with. Sorry to say, but the bastardisation of the Supergrass song leaves me with a festering irritation that ruins the rest of the song.

I don’t want to be too down on this, because I like McCoy. He seems to have a really relaxed vibe about him. At least that’s what comes through on the video.

That said, a quick aside – stripes are a bad idea. It’s not so much cat in the hat, more like Vagrant In A Vest. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pop star look so damned scruffy.

Overall, this one leaves me cold. I don’t like the commandeering of the Supergrass song, even less the throwaway verses. I can only assume this is being foisted on the UK audience because we’ll recognise it and it stands more of a chance of being a hit. But now I feel like I have to go check out

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