Triumphant third series return for Secret Diary Of A Call Girl

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl returned last night in an explosion of naked, writhing flesh. ITV2’s thinly veiled attempt at soft-porn featuring former [[Doctor Who (TV Series)|Doctor Who]] actress, [[Billie Piper]], is actually every bit as entertaining and intelligent as the slimy book publisher claims throughout the first episode.

After a quickie with a client, Belle gets kitted up as a waitress and attends her own book launch in disguise. She’s enraged when a hired bimbo comes up on stage to read an excerpt from the book.

Belle’s friend Ben, manages to convince a woman at the book launch that he’s actually the author. She drags him back to her place for a romp, but asks him to ‘talk like he writes’ to which he replies “I’ve gotta warn you, I do a lot of redrafting…” It’s not long before he’s discovered as a fraud and she asks him to leave!

After hearing some unsolicited criticism from people at the launch, Belle feels a little out of her depth. She goes to her publisher the next day to talk it over, but somehow walks away thinking about how she’s going to write a follow-up book. Even more daunted at the prospect of finding new material, she says “If I’m going to write a second book, I’m gonna have to do some serious whoring…”

Elsewhere, prickly madam Stephanie has recognized herself in the book – as a “pantomime villain” – and is on the warpath. She doesn’t get far in episode 1, but she’s clearly suspicious of Belle.

And to cap things off, Belle finally has a small party to celebrate the book. But things end suddenly when her sister appears at her door looking for a place to stay after she discovers her husband has had an affair. None of her family know about either the prostitution or the book deal, so Belle’s going to have to work hard to keep her secret hidden.

Having only tuned into this show intermittently, I’m still impressed with the mix of sexy romps intercut with bits of Belle’s day. Her voiceover is sometimes irritating, but usually she hits on a perfectly suggestive turn of phrase that causes a giggle at her situation.

Billie Piper is exceptionally well cast here – she’s not impossibly glamorous, but still manages to look sexy and confident, even as she pulls her dress up to entice a client, looking him directly in the eyes. She carries off the wry humour of the show excellently and those pieces to camera whenever she’s engaging with another character are always funny.

Last night’s series launch was a two-parter – when I’ve caught up with episode two, I’ll post my review here.

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